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Top 5 Best Jockstraps You Should Check

For all you men out there, you know how essential it is to keep the groin area comfortable and safe. That’s where best jockstraps come into play.

Shopping for jockstraps can be frustrating at times as the pouch may not fit right for everyone, the strap may slide around the more active you are, or it may even cause more chafing.

Check out this review to get a feel on what you should be looking for when buying a jockstrap as well as some of the best jockstraps out now.

At A Glance: Best Jockstraps

The Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Four-Strap Jock Strap System comes with a cup specially designed for the strap. Using military-grade elastic material and a drawstring helps make the jockstrap more comfortable for everyday wear, and the strap shouldn’t move around while still giving you a good range of motion.

Under Armour Men’s Performance Jockstrap w/ Cup Pocket is designed using soft material that should help eliminate any uncomfortable scratching. It helps trap and move away sweat from the body, and is designed to fit underneath most athletic gear.

Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts System w/ Built-In Jock Strap makes good use of compression shorts to add an additional layer of support and comfort. The shorts help keep the jockstrap snug, and the drawstring on them helps give you more mobility while making certain the shorts don’t move.

The McDavid Athletic Supporter has a classic look that can appeal to many on top of a wide waistband that offers a ranged amount of support. It has a stretch mesh pouch that can dry quickly, and it is comfortable enough to wear daily under gym shorts.

The Shock Doctor Men’s Ultra Supporter w/ Ultra Carbon Flex Cup can conform to your body so that you have a comfortable, secure fit to keep everything in place and your body free from chafing. It comes with a well-constructed carbon flex cup, and the strap should fit underneath other clothing with little to no difficulty.

Reviews of The Best Jockstraps You Should Check

This jockstrap system from Diamond MMA is available in five different sizes.

It utilizes military-grade elastic material as well as a drawstring to provide a comfortable and custom fit. This comes with a one-size-fits-all cup that should easily fit into the specially designed pouch on the jockstrap.

The cup itself is made with a polycarbonate core and co-molded elastomer design to aid in ultimate protection of the groin as well as make sure you get as much comfort as possible.

Although this can work well with those who participate in a number of different sports, those in things such as Krav Maga where kicks to the groin are legal (and actually advocated for), the jockstrap and cup combo can add needed protection.

It can be comfortable enough with or without the cup that you may just forget you’re even wearing it. The cup is also wide enough to allow everything to fit while also not limiting your range of motion.

Best Jockstraps - Athletic Cup

Things We Liked

  • Drawstring helps give a comfortable and customized fit
  • Comes with a cup so you don’t have to purchase one separately
  • Strap doesn’t move around while still allowing mobility
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Stitching may start to come apart after washing
  • One-size-fit-all cup may not fit everyone
  • May not fit underneath some compression shorts
  • Under Armour’s Jockstrap is made with 81% polyester and 19% elastane material, and ranges in six sizes from small to XXX-large. 

    It has a double-darted cup pocket to allow for a secure fit of an athletic cup.

    The strap also aids in moving sweat away from the body due to the Signature Moisture Transport System. This versatile jockstrap is designed to fit underneath any athletic gear.

    It is generally stitched well so that it doesn’t tear whenever a cup is inserted or removed. The material is soft, a feature that can give you more comfort when wearing.

    Also, in some cases, the waistband may run a size or so small, so be sure of measurements before purchasing.

    Best Jockstraps - Under Armour

    Things We Liked

  • Soft material that doesn’t scratch
  • Moisture Transport System helps keep sweat away from the body
  • Can fit underneath just about any athletic gear
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Waistband can be too tight/run small compared to the rest of the strap
  • Elastic straps may tear/break
  • May not fit right without using a cup
  • Rather than use a separate jockstrap to wear underneath your shorts, Diamond MMA has designed a system that incorporates compression shorts with a built-in, 4-strap jockstrap.

    It offers protection from high-impact sports, and it also has a tailored design to fit the accompanying cup.

    The compression shorts aid in keeping the jockstrap (and cup, if used) locked snug in place.

    It has flexibility and moves in synch with your body so you shouldn’t worry about being restricted in any way while you wear the shorts and jockstrap combo.

    On the compression shorts is a drawstring that can be used cinch down the waist to ensure that it doesn’t move, a feature that can be a necessity for those who participate in high-movement sports like MMA.

    Best Jockstraps - Athletic Cup Groin

    Things We Liked

  • Drawstring on compression shorts help tighten things up/prevent unnecessary movement
  • Comes with a cup specially designed to fit the jockstrap
  • Combination of compression and support can provide greater groin protection
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • The edge of the cup may rub against the thighs and cause discomfort
  • Pouch of the jockstrap may rip after a few washes
  • Compression can be too tight and restrict blood flow
  • This athletic jockstrap is available in either white or black, and can go up in size to XX-large. It is designed in the classic, traditional way, and uses 75% polyester and 25% latex material. 

    The waistband has been woven wide to allow for a greater range of support, and the mesh stretch pouch dries out quick. The old-school designed jockstrap has a breathable waistband for more comfort.

    They fit well underneath gym shorts, and the leg straps shouldn’t twist or dig into your skin. 

    This supportive strap can be comfortable enough for daily wear, so for those who may train or spar may find that they can go longer without having to readjust or even remember that they’re wearing a jockstrap in the first place.

    Best Jockstraps - McDavid

    Things We Liked

  • Wide waistband can offer a wider support range
  • An aesthetic appeal with the classic design
  • Leg straps won’t dig into the skin or twist up
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • May still cause chafing
  • Waistband may sit below natural waistline
  • Support pouch can be too small
  • This jockstrap conforms to the body to help provide a better, more secure fit while also helping in reducing the risk of chafing.

    An ultra carbon flex cup is included with the purchase of this jockstrap, and the cup is well constructed to provide necessary protection.

    Sizing may not always be accurate, so ordering a size up may help. However, when fit properly, it doesn’t move or slip, a feature that can be a great benefit during martial arts training or other similar activities.

    It’s generally comfortable, and you should be able to take some hits to the groin without feeling anything.

    Although jockstraps should typically be worn in place of underwear, for those who are still uncomfortable with their backside hanging out, you should be able to slip on some boxer briefs over it with no difficulty.

    Best Jockstraps - Shock Doctor

    Things We Liked

  • Comes included with carbon flex cup
  • Conforms to the body to give you a more secure fit and reduce chafing
  • Doesn’t move/slip during high-activity
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Seam that connects the pouch to the strap may tear after continuous use
  • Region, where the leg bands cross, may rub against the skin after extended wear
  • Size can be off as the waistband can be too tight
  • The Power of Jockstraps

    Benefits of Wearing Jockstraps

    To state the obvious, jockstraps are used to support genitalia during vigorous activities that may cause harm to the groin region.

    Some may choose not to wear one for reasons such as it being too restrictive or just simply uncomfortable. Purchasing the right kind and fit, however, can make the experience more pleasant and beneficial.

    In combat sports such as boxing and MMA, you want to be as safe and comfortable as possible. A jockstrap helps keep male genitalia away from the body, an act that can aid against any friction or strain that can be caused while training or in a competitive match.

    Jockstraps can help naturally cool down the groin area as well. It can even help with keeping the thighs and scrotum from chafing.

    When used along with a protective, athletic cup, the groin area is given additional protection against any impact.

    Proper Wearing of a Jockstrap

    Before you purchase any jockstrap, be sure to read the size chart that usually comes with it in order to get the right fit.

    It should be snug, but not too tight. Putting one on depends on what kind you have. There are some that are built-in directly with compression shorts.

    Others are simply just the traditional design of an elastic waistband, support pouch, and two elastic straps that connect to the left and right sides of the waistband and end around the hips/buttocks.

    This traditional design can provide more versatility when it comes to athletic gear as you can wear them with a variety of gear from compression shorts to the best MMA shorts.

    When you’re wearing a jockstrap, be sure to adjust the pouch so that everything feels comfortable enough.

    Now, a jockstrap can be worn with or without an athletic cup. If you choose to wear a cup, insert it after the jockstrap is fitted properly. Be sure that the cup fits right as well or else you can be opening yourself up to more damage than you would have without a cup.

    It can be difficult selecting just one type of strap as many boil down to personal preference, but out of the five best jockstraps listed, we feel as though the Athletic Cup Groin Protector & Compression Shorts System w/ Built-In Jock Strap can stand above the others. It gives you an all-in-one product what with the shorts and cup that comes along with it.

    The compression shorts aid in keeping the jockstrap in place, can help with your range of motion, and offer additional groin protection. Furthermore, the drawstring helps so that you can adjust properly for an even better overall fit.

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