best boxing gloves for heavy bag

Top 5 Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag

A heavy bag is a versatile piece of equipment as it can help develop your coordination, agility, strength, and provide an all-around cardio workout.

Before you strike that heavy bag, however, you need to have the proper heavy bag gloves.

Training with the wrong gloves can cause fractures or other painful injuries to your hands, but with the dozens of boxing gloves on the market, it’s easier to pick out the wrong pair than the right one.

So, we’ve pulled together an evaluation of five of the best gloves for heavy bag use that should reduce your chances of injury.

At A Glance: Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves have a wrap around, adjustable wrist strap for a secure, easy to remove/take off fit. The Gel Enforced lining and multi-layered foam padding provides ideal protection.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves is made with triple density foam that can better absorb shock, which in turn protects your hands while giving you more time to train.

The RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Gel have a padded block over the wrist-joint in addition to the thick, Supremo-Shock foam-based padding on the knuckles. Quadro-Dome technology equalizes the disperse of force throughout the gloves.

Hayabusa FightwearTokushu Regenesis Gloves features Deltra-EG Inner Core tech with advanced Crush Zone transfers energy upon impact to protect your hands.

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves uses triple density foam coupled with reinforced palms in order to provide shock absorption and optimal protection. The strengthened seams give the gloves longevity for extended training.

Reviews of The Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag

TITLE Gel World Bag Glovesbest boxing gloves for heavy bag

Available for purchase in three colors (black, red, and pink), the TITLE Gel Gloves are made with an all-leather outer shell.

It features Gel Enforced Lining and multi-layered foam padding to give your hands greater protection.

This gel lining can also grant your hands a customized fit, which can aid in making your training more comfortable.

In addition, the special hand compartment lining can help keep your hands cool and dry.

For heavier hitters, combining these gloves with good hand wraps can just about eliminate any knuckle pain.

The D-ring wrist straps with hook-and-loop closure not only offers a more secure fit, but it gives more support to the wrists.

These gloves may lean toward the heavy side in terms of bag gloves, but for those who wish for a more intense cardio workout can find the weight beneficial.

Things We Liked

  • Gel Enforced Lining with multi-layered foam padding
  • D-ring wrist straps with hook-and-loop closure
  • Special hand compartment lining for cool, dry wear

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May be heavier than labeled weight
  • Can be too tight/small
  • Thumb position may be awkward

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Glovesbest boxing gloves for heavy bag

The Venum Challenger 2.0 Gloves are made to benefit the training for both beginners and those with more experience.

They’re light in weight and made using premium PU leather.

The triple density foam enhances shock absorption, and for an easy, secure fit, the gloves make use of a large Velcro enclosure with elastic.

For a more comfortable wear, the gloves are designed in a curved anatomical shape. Also, if you care about aesthetics, they come in nine different colors.

The gloves are made with enough room to fit hand wraps, but 180 wraps may feel snug.

Protection-wise, the foam padding safeguards the hands while the straps give ample support to the wrists.

More safety can be found with the attached thumb design. Because of the material used to make them, wearers should remember to take care with the gloves to prevent from any cracking.

Things We Liked

  • Curved anatomical shape with attached thumb
  • Triple density foam
  • Large Velcro enclosure

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Length can make throwing elbows awkward
  • Breathability can be an issue for some
  • Firmness of padding may cause issues for those who hit heavy

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RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves Gelbest boxing gloves for heavy bag

The RDX Maya Hide Leather Gloves can be customized with five different colors, and the construction used makes them long-lasting.

On the palms are exclusive S.P.P. that adds ventilation and breathability properties.

Force is equally dispersed thanks to the Quadro-Dome tech, and the thick Supremo-Shock Foam based padding on the knuckles provides good protection.

The foam padding and a separate padded block on the wrist-joint both have shock dissipating gel lining in between.

With the Quick-EZ Velcro closure and the longer length of the straps, your wrists should have better support.

The soft lining inside the gloves makes them more comfortable to wear, while the solid padding provides good cushioning so you can hit the bag with more power.

You should experience minimal (or none) hand fatigue, so you can exercise both harder and longer.

Things We Liked

  • Quadro-Dome tech and Supremo-Shock Foam padding
  • S.P.P. palm with sweat wicking mesh
  • Quick-EZ Velcro closure supports the wrists

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can feel too snug with wraps
  • May come across as too stiff and bulky
  • Elastic fabric that connects the thumb can hinder cleaning and glove removal

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Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis Glovesbest boxing gloves for heavy bag

The Hayabusa Fightwear Gloves use Vylar-2 Engineered Leather that has crack-resisting properties to further their longevity.

To protect your hands upon impact by transferring energy, the gloves incorporate Deltra-EG Inner Core with Crush Core complex.

For good wrist support, there are Dual-X Wrist Closure and Fusion Splinting properties that also help provide up to 99.7% perfect alignment.

An ergonomic thumb position aims to eliminate strain, and the inner fabric delivers antimicrobial technology to fight odor.

For an added bonus, the gloves have wicking material on the thumbs so you can easily wipe away sweat while training.

These gloves can help stabilize your wrists.

Those with smaller wrists may get away with wearing these without hand wraps and still benefit from good protection due to the fusion splinting and wrist closure.

The gloves are also flexible.

Things We Liked

  • Ergonomic thumb position
  • Good energy transfer on impact
  • Fusion Splinting and Dual-X Closure

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Wrist Closure makes getting gloves on/off difficult
  • Breaking in period can be long
  • Inside mold may make forming a fist/curling fingers a hassle

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Venum Elite Boxing Glovesbest boxing gloves for heavy bag

By using premium Skintex leather construction along with strengthened seams, the Venum Elite should lengthen both your training time as well as the overall life of the gloves.

Thermal regulating mesh below the fists also enhance your training by improving comfort.

The triple density IMF foam padding and reinforced palms grant more protection and a better balance of shock absorption and distribution.

Concerning appearance, the gloves have 11 different color patterns/designs to choose from.

The lining inside help keeps your hands cool and dry regardless of how hard you push yourself, while the curved anatomical shape gives you a better grip.

As a whole, the gloves can feel comfortable enough so that you won’t experience much soreness or hand fatigue during those long training workouts.

The attached thumb design helps keep your thumbs protected, while the length of the straps extends far enough to provide additional wrist support.

Things We Liked

  • Triple density IMF foam padding
  • 100% full attached thumb
  • Integrated mesh panels

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Ventilation still can use improvement
  • Stated size/weight can be different than actual size/weight
  • May not fit larger hands well

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Training with a Heavy Bag

How to Know You Have the Right Pair of Gloves

When you’re first searching for a new pair of gloves, it can be more beneficial to look for actual bag gloves rather than just any type of gloves.

Bag gloves are built specifically for use with a heavy bag.

Typically, they have enough room in the event that you use hand wraps.

Another common feature is being lighter in weight so that you can punch with as much power and energy as you can handle, something that isn’t usually found in sparring gloves as you can cause harm to your opponent.

There are more layers of safety found in heavy bag gloves as well.

Generally, there is extra padding around the knuckles in order to better protect your hands and reduce the likelihood of injury.

An additional feature that isn’t necessary is breathable inner fabric. Not all gloves have this type of fabric, but those that do can help keep your hands cool and dry, which in turn can help lengthen your training time.

In the long run, however, you know you own the right pair of bag gloves if they protect your hands and don’t come the way of your training.

How You Can Best Benefit from Punching a Heavy Bag

One of the obvious benefits of striking a heavy bag is developing a leaner, stronger physique.

As there is resistance met when you punch, your muscles are forced to work harder, which can help improve them overall.

Your shoulders and chest see improvement as well as they cause much of the power behind your punches. Both your core and back are engaged as well, helping you develop a nearly full-body cardio exercise.

Beyond the muscles, hitting a heavy bag properly can guide you to building up better hand-eye coordination, endurance, and balance.

This occurs as you have to adjust your stance and punches each time the heavy bag swings.

It also forces you to better hone your punching technique so that you have better form and less chance of injuring yourself because of a bad punch.

The Winner: TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

With the right glove, you should have the necessary support, protection, and comfort needed to attack a heavy bag with minimal risk of injury.

From the five we’ve reviewed for you, the TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves have won us over as the best boxing gloves for heavy bag training.

These gloves feature both multi-layered foam padding and Gel Enforced Lining for greater protection so you can go in as hard as you see fit against the heavy bag.

The adjustable, wraparound wrist strap and D-ring, hook-and-loop closure gives you a secure fit and added wrist support.

For an even more comfortable fit, it has a special hand compartment lining that helps keep your hands dry and cool.

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