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5 Things You Should Know About Private Martial Arts Lessons

Many people out there when deciding to embark on their martial arts training will gravitate toward undergoing private martial arts lessons. It is not something that everyone can take, of course, due to it generally costing more than public classes. Nevertheless, it is a popular option for those who can.

When it comes to private lessons though, there are a few things you should understand before making the jump. There are both benefits and downsides to training this particular way. We’ve laid all the important things out below to help give you a better idea of private martial arts lessons so you can decide if this is a route you wish to take.

You Will Receive Undivided Attention

private martial arts lessons

This is general knowledge, but it is something that still needs to be discussed. When we say ‘undivided attention’, we mean it. In private lessons, there is only you and your teacher. No one else will be in their line of sight. They are not forced to stretch their time, dividing it amongst each individual student for short periods at a time.

Whether you are doing well, lacking somewhere, or even just not giving it your all, your teacher will notice everything right away. It is especially useful if you just can’t grasp a certain move.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this is that you are able to form a closer bond with your teacher. Connecting with your instructor is something that is honed in all facets of martial arts due to how important it is to build trust and respect. A stronger, more personal connection can lead to better, more proficient training and a greater overall training outcome for you.

Such personal attention can work out well for those out there who may need some extra help. Even those that are too reserved to train in front of larger groups of strangers can take advantage of this. Quite a few parents opt for this route for their kids to learn.

There Will be a Distinct Lack of Training Partners

private martial arts lessons

Now, we all understand just how important sparring is in the martial arts world. When you decide to forgo a class in exchange for private lessons, you must be aware that the only person you may ever spar with is your teacher. That can turn out to be a greater hindrance than you realize when you’re looking to develop well-rounded skills.

Having an excellent teacher is one thing as you can, evidently, learn a lot from them. Yet, being able to test yourself against multiple opponents of various skill levels is another thing. You should become varied in your training, and this variation can occur when you spar with someone else. Training with people who are at a higher level or even just better at one thing does wonders in pushing you and turning you into a true multi-talented fighter.

Having a training partner can also give you a clearer idea on how to use these skills in a competition or real-life. In private lessons, the skills seen in your teacher can become comfortable for you even if the pair of you adapt the sparring sessions. Throwing in a training partner teaches you how to handle different builds, speed, strength, etc. It can help keep you on your toes and teach you how to properly adjust to changing circumstances, more so if those circumstances aren’t in your favor in the first place.

Your Safety is Far More Guaranteed

private martial arts lessons

This is something that can appeal to everyone, but parents of children getting into martial arts especially. When you set up private lessons, the only one you will be training with is the instructor. You are not going to become involved with other students who may be on par, better, or just starting out when compared to your own skills.

Some students, regardless of how long they have practiced, can slip up in the safety department. They may lack control, and place individuals who both lack control together is a recipe for injury. Through private lessons, the risk of anyone getting hurt is reduced in a significant way.

You are generally training with an expert martial arts instructor who understands that safety is paramount. They will take care that you learn the material, but that you also do so in a way that won’t cause any damage. Again, it is something that parents can look forward to when getting these types of lessons for their children.

You Must Become Self-Motivated

private martial arts lessons

Becoming self-motivated is something that lends itself back to the lack of training partners. Even if you are not sparring, simply exercising with others in a public class can allow you to build a sense of community. A class setting fosters trust, respect, friendship, etc. You are all working toward a similar goal, and you get the opportunity to help one another succeed. Motivation is built on all sides as peers deliver much-needed feedback on your training and skills, going to a level that teachers simply can’t reach.

Students help motivate each other frequently through the likes of sparring or just doing basic workout exercises. In private lessons, you know you will undoubtedly get motivated by your teacher, but that’s about it. If you want to keep going in on a high note and not get dejected by anything, you have to develop a strong will to become self-motivated. You will have to understand how to push yourself through any walls you reach in order to become better at what you do.

Opportunity to Customize Your Workout

private martial arts lessons

So, we all grasp the fact that private lessons come with your teacher’s complete attention. This does not just end when it comes to teaching the actual material. Rather, these types of lessons grant you the chance to truly customize your entire workout plan.

Exercise is vital to martial arts. It is not enough that you understand each move, but that your body can actually put up with everything you are doing. Many classes begin with exercises that range from push-ups to jumping rope.

Some people are capable of performing certain exercises better than others. With a private lesson, you will not be forced into doing everything that others are doing. Your teacher will instead come up with a workout plan that suits your particular needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

What is even better about all of this is that it is done completely around your own schedule. You will not have to adapt to fit someone else’s time; you will be able to do everything when your schedule permits. If you can exercise a few days out of the week, mostly on weekdays, etc., then that is the plan you and your teacher can draft.

If there is any downside to this, it is that it has the chance to make people more complacent. When entering a class, there is minimal room for customization of working out, but you still must do it when everyone else does it. With private lessons, it’s not a given that you are going to do what needs to be done when the teacher is not there. It goes back to learning how to be self-motivating in order to finish what needs to be done.

Some Last Thoughts

We covered the basics when it comes to private martial arts lessons. Before you decide to take that path, just remember a few things:

  • Don’t be afraid to open up. Private lessons give you the chance to truly talk one-on-one with your teacher with no risk of someone else coming in to interrupt. So, ask questions. Be more open and honest about your skills, about what you can and cannot do. If you reach a plateau, tell them. You won’t get a better opportunity than in a private setting.
  • Always check credentials. It is far too easy to get roped into private lessons with someone who is just after the money it brings. Double check an instructor’s credentials and, if you can, try to find reviews from other students to learn how they are as a teacher. You never want to run the risk of having a bad instructor as it will show if you ever were to join a class with other students.
  • Understand the cost difference. Private lessons are rather expensive, so before you go into it, be sure it is something that you truly want. You want to give this your all and take in as much as you can from your instructor so that it all doesn’t go to waste.

There will always be some discrepancies when comparing private lessons to public ones. The differences can play out well for either type of learning experience, but if you understand them and learn how to adapt, then you can readily take advantage of private lessons so that they work out in your favor.

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