how much is boxing classes

How Much is Boxing Classes
– Quick Review

There are many benefits you can see from taking boxing classes.

One key benefit: it can help if you are looking to get into shape.
Using a punching bag during a single 30-minute workout can help you burn off 200 or more calories, making it an excellent aerobic class.

With that said, the types of people that can benefit the most from boxing classes are those who actually want to learn the sport.

A boxing class can teach you all about footwork, technique, and give you one-to-one sparring and training that you will not receive anywhere else.

Even with all of the various advantages to taking a boxing class, an important question to consider before you begin to do anything is simple: how much are boxing classes?

You do not want to jump into the endeavor only to find out you are unable to afford more than a single class...

So, it is vital to learn about the costs that go into boxing classes prior to signing up for anything.

how much is boxing classes

Boxing Classes – How Do You Pay

Gym Membership Option

When you are trying to figure out how much are boxing classes, a good place to start is determining whether or not the boxing classes come with your gym membership.

This may be the easiest approach to taking the classes as you are already paying for a normal gym pass.

However, some gyms that have boxing classes may offer the lessons as a separate package. Meaning, you will have to pay for different fees either monthly or yearly.

There is another way you can go about boxing classes though. In the event that your regular gym doesn't offer any classes, there are specific gyms that are martial art-oriented that teach nothing but boxing, kickboxing, etc.

You can always look up these types of gyms in your area, such as the UFC gym, that specialize in sports like boxing if you cannot find a class in your regular gym.

how much is boxing classes

Average Costs

Since every gym is different, there is no real set cost for taking up boxing lessons. 

When it comes to boxing, you can see pricing around $100 or so a month.

Kickboxing classes, for instance, typically run about $70-$110 monthly.

Another factor to keep in mind is that many places have an initial fee you have to pay beforehand, and that number can be anywhere from $89-$100 or more.

As an example,  Title Boxing Club tends to have an initial $99 fee. For their boxing classes, they are typically $89 a month.

As stated in the previous section, you can check in with your local gyms to learn about the costs in your specific area.

how much is boxing classes

Additional Equipment

When you are learning about the costs of boxing classes, you should also think about the equipment involved in the process as this can have an effect on what you are paying overall.

Some places might offer their equipment such as helmets, gloves, etc. to be used for free.

However, the majority of boxing lessons require you to already own such equipment and bring them in with you. The costs of equipment will vary, but it can add up, so it is important to learn exactly what you will need before agreeing to any class.

how much is boxing classes


There is no single price for taking up boxing classes.

Some are part of your regular gym membership, others you have to purchase separately, and some even have their own gym that you can join. 

If you are serious about taking up the sport whether to get into shape, relieve stress, or develop your skills, know that it will not be an inexpensive endeavor.

Nevertheless, check with your local gyms to learn more about how much boxing classes are.


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