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Top 11 Best Speed Bag

A speed bag workout is a great way to improve your skills and get into shape along the way. It is important, however, that you have the right the best speed bag in order to get the benefits from it.

Finding a quality speed bag can be difficult as there are dozens on the market today. So, to help you narrow down your options, the following addresses eleven top-selling speed bags in addition to providing further information about speed bags themselves.

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At A Glance: Best Speed Bags

The Everlast Speed Bag is a simple speed bag intended for beginners or intermediate users. It's made from durable genuine leather.

The Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag is great for novice users as it is a bit on the heavier side, but it still offers some response. It is overall durable and reliable for long-time use.

MaxxMMA Speed Bag – Type II is made from quality synthetic leather as well as a sturdy rubber bladder. It is known for having good balance and rebounds.

The TITLE Boxing Platinum Atomic Speed Bag has an almost futuristic, appealing design. It is made from quality synthetic leather, and it features great bounce and balance.

Pro Impact Durahide Speedbag is made from synthetic leather, and it has triple-stitched seams to help prolong its life.

The Title Boxing TITLE Classic Speed Bag is built to last thanks to its extra-reinforced loop and all-leather welted seams. It offers good balance and holds air well.

The Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag is designed from 100% top-grade leather, and it features good responsive action.

TITLE Boxing Super Speed Bag offers good response and a flexible, reinforced loop that withholds frequent use.

The TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags are made from durable top-grade leather, and they feature a butyl rubber bladder that helps provide balance.

The Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag can work for almost anyone thanks to its medium size. It can provide enough rebound to give you a good workout even if you're just starting out.

Balazs Lazer Speed Bag has a hand-made quality to it that should last you a good deal of time. It features no welts or laces to improve balance.

Reviews of The Best Speed Bags

The Everlast Speed Bag may be among the best speed bag for beginners due in large part to its size.

It is relatively inexpensive, and it is made from top grade leather. This leather is known to withstand exposure to the elements such as heat and rain.

The speed bag from Everlast is also made from reinforced seams, but there may be issues with it unraveling after minimal use.

Although the shape design is meant to provide accurate rebounds, that isn't always the case with this speed bag, which may be more of a quality control problem.

best speed bag

Things We Liked

  • Doesn't develop lumps
  • Bounces back well
  • Quality leather
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Smaller than anticipated
  • Low-quality stitching
  • Could use more balance
  • The Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag features extra thick swivel loops that can withstand heavy use.

    More so, the leather constructions with the welted seams help to maintain the speed bag's longevity.

    Available in both small and medium sizes, this speed bag may fit in more with someone who is just beginning to use a speed bag.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Leather holds up well
  • Has good handling
  • Rugged loop
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Strap appears too narrow
  • Bag moves a tad too slow
  • Can fill lopsided
  • With the MaxxMMA Speed Bag – Type II, you receive a high-quality synthetic leather bag at a large size of 10" x 7".

    The inner bladder is made from durable rubber material. Though it arrives flat like other speed bags, it does include a hand pump with a needle.

    It remains in question whether or not the hand pump will actually last a long time.

    Furthermore, this speed bag provides great balance to better improve the rebounds as well as your own skills.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Quality synthetic leather construction
  • Has good amount of balance
  • Hand pump included
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • May go flat quickly
  • Potential for main strap to break
  • Seams are not the highest quality
  • The TITLE Boxing Platinum Atomic Speed Bag offers a sleek appearance for those who interested in looks.

    Though the leather is synthetic, it maintains a good deal of quality so that it can last you some time.

    It does have leather welted seams, however, which can improve its durability. In addition to that, the nylon threading is triple-stitched.

    When it comes to the bladder, it is made from butyl latex rubber. However, it may not be as reliable in the long run compared to the rest of the speed bag.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Good lightweight feel
  • Fast amount of bounce
  • Well-balanced
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Loop can seem too tight
  • Bladder may pop
  • Not that smooth on the hands
  • With the Pro Impact Durahide Speedbag, you get a budget-friendly bag made from synthetic leather.

    It has triple-stitched seams that aid in its durability. For easy bladder removal, it features a lace-up system.

    With its size being 7" x 10", it is more ideal for novice users as it provides an adequate amount of space to strike.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Has good rebound
  • Doesn't show wear
  • Durable stitching
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Can deflate too fast
  • Might spin too much
  • Develops leaks
  • The TITLE Classic Bag may be best for those who have experience considering its size.

    Even so, it may still help with developing fast hands as it is built tough yet light in weight.

    The rubber bladder has an extended life, while the seams are all-leather welted and triple-stitched. As for the rest of the material, it is made from reliable leather.

    An extra bit of durability is found with the loop. It is extra-reinforced so that you can strike harder and faster without worry about wearing it out.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Holds air well
  • Has good durability
  • Bag has decent balance
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Lacks a quick response
  • Might hang off center
  • Learning curve
  • Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speedbag is constructed from 100% top-grade leather.

    The seams and loop are triple-stitched, and they are all-leather bound and welted for longevity. As for the bladder, it is made from heavy-duty latex that withstands frequent use.

    This speed bag from Pro Impact can be used by beginners to more advanced users.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Minimal inflation issues
  • Good action
  • Easy to control
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Might bulge more to one side
  • Hard to hit straight
  • Seems a bit out of balance
  • The TITLE Boxing Super Speed Bag has a tear drop shape that has a good fat spot to strike that can take a lot of abuse.

    It has leather constructed with triple-stitched welted seams as well as a reinforced loop. The inner bladder has a long life as well.

    For those interested, this speed bag from TITLE is available in six different color styles and various sizes. This can make it easier to choose the size that works best for your needs and current experience level.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Durable enough to take hard punches
  • Strong top loop
  • Has good return
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Large stitching can get in the way
  • May lose air fast
  • May swing too much
  • The TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags are available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

    It is constructed from a top-grade leather shell, and it also has triple-reinforced leather seams and lacing.

    You might experience some trouble with fraying when it comes to the seams, however.

    Nevertheless, the rest of the speed bag remains high in quality to offer you good rebound and balance.

    The butyl rubber bladder also has special internal balancing to further improve your performance.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Made from quality materials
  • Comfortable on the hands
  • Can have good balance
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Laces can come undone
  • Appears too slow for its size
  • Becomes soft too fast
  • Available in three different colors, the Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag features extraordinary durability. Much of this is thanks to how it is constructed.

    The speed bag is handmade in Mexico using head leather as well as a tough nylon lining. Such precision in its construction allows for it to have smooth responses.

    It is designed in a good enough size to allow you to come up with a steady rhythm for a well-rounded workout.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Offers good speed
  • Durable
  • Provides great rebound
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • The seams may bulge
  • Bladder can develop steady leak
  • Might be a little deformed
  • Last in the countdown for the best speed bag is the Balazs Lazer Speed Bag. It is designed with smooth grained leather, while the loop features a Kevlar triple-stitched design.

    This loop is also double-layered and centered in order to provide a hassle-free workout experience.

    Another factor that aids in that is the lack of laces, which assists in overall balance. The lack of welting helps with the balance as well.

    best speed bag

    Things We Liked

  • Good handmade quality
  • Takes on good teardrop shape
  • Predictable rebound
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Air may leak out weekly
  • Need to hit harder than similar bags
  • Softens up too fast
  • All About Speed Bags

    Though the above reviews may give you an idea of what to look for, there are still many factors to consider when deciding on a speed bag.

    How to Use a Speed Bag

    Before you can decide on a quality speed bag, it helps to understand how to use one in the first place. There are two basic points to keep in mind:

    • Height: 
      To start, be sure that you have the bag adjusted accordingly to your height. If your bag is hung improperly on a speed bag stand, it can cause damage to your technique in addition to forcing you to strain more than you should.
    • Stance: 
      Likewise when you use any punching bag, keep your stance in mind. Your feet should start about a shoulder width apart, while your shoulders should square up with the bag. Remain a good distance from the speed bag, and keep your elbows up almost parallel to the ground.

    With those things out of the way, you can begin to actually hit the bag. Keep in mind that you want to have your hands remain close to the bag. If they are not close, then you will have to chase down the bag each time it rebounds.


    When you strike, you do not want to hit it with your whole fist, especially if you are a beginner. Instead, aim to hit with the heel or the side of your fist.

    Your first punch should be a front circle strike. Once you make contact, circle your fist back to your starting stance. This should be a small, fluid, and instant movement.


    Focus on counting the rebounds of the bag to find the rhythm.

    Generally, the speed bag rebounds three times per hit. The faster you strike, the faster the rebounds, which makes it difficult to see. So, it's best to move on faster once you get the hang of how to hit a speed bag.

    Once you do, you can have a good speed bag workout and take advantage of the numerous benefits that come with it.

    If you are looking for a visual aid, check out the video below to see what it should look like when you hit a speed bag:

    Benefits of Using a Speed Bag

    As briefly mentioned before, there are a good number of speed bag benefits you can see once you come up with a quality speed bag workout.

    The primary use of these types of punching bags is to develop your skills. A speed bag can assist you with the following:

    • Coordination
    • Speed
    • Reflexes
    • Focus

    The faster you move, the more improvement you can see in the skills mentioned above.

    These speed bag benefits can easily translate into other aspects. For instance, using a speed bag can help you learn to keep your fists up. It is something that is invaluable to fighters as it can improve defense.

    Another improvement to defense you can see is how well your reflexes improve. This especially helps if you happen to move a bit too close to the speed bag, and you are then forced to move back before the bag returns. Moving back becomes almost instinct, which can help better your footwork, stance, and overall defense.

    When you understand how to use a speed bag the proper way, you can also see improvements in other aspects of your health that don't involve fighting. A speed bag can provide a great cardiovascular exercise.

    In addition, as you mainly use your shoulders, arms, and wrists, these areas of your body receive a good workout. This can not only help you tone muscles, but it strengthens them as well. Subsequently, it can also improve the power of your punches.


    Once you get past how to hit a speed bag and how it can work to your advantage, it may be time to focus on choosing the right bag. Finding the right bag comes with understanding what makes a quality speed bag.


    To start, the material can make or break a speed bag.

    Usually, speed bags are made from leather material. However, this can raise the cost and the care needed to ensure the bag has a long life.

    You have to keep in mind the conditions you will keep the bag in (e.g. cold garage, basement). In addition, the amount of use the bag sees will have an impact on the leather.

    There are many bags designed using synthetic leather, which usually makes it more affordable.

    The quality may not be the same as leather, but there are faux leather bags that can hold their own. They are also easier to care for.

    If you can afford it then choose leahter speed bag.

    If you can't or your bag will be kept in bad conditions then choose syntetic speed bag.

    Seams and Stitching

    Other areas to focus on are the seams and the stitching. ​

    he majority of quality speed bags are made with reinforced stitching along the seams and the top loop. This can minimize the risk of the seams splitting under frequent use.

    Another factor to consider is welting. Leather speed bags tend to have welted seams for added durability and to reduce air leaks. However, they're not usually comfortable to hit.

    Mounting Style

    Speed bags are mounted a few different ways:

    • Platform: A hanging speed bag stand is the most common one used, and perhaps the one most people recognize right away. In general, the speed bag hangs from a circular platform that has a pivoting ring. It can offer a good workout and a means for developing better coordination and reflexes.
    • Door Mounted: This is not nearly as common as the platform style, but it does still exist. It attaches well to the door so that the entire thing doesn't come crashing down when you strike it. Something like this may benefit someone who lacks the appropriate space and need something basic and quick.
    best speed bag

    When it comes to finding the best speed bag, our recommendation is the Balazs Lazer Speed Bag.

    It provides great reliability thanks to its overall leather construction.

    There are no laces or welting, which makes for a more comfortable experience. Lastly, it offers good balance for a well-rounded workout, even for beginners.

    If you are just starting out, you cannot go wrong with the Balazs speed bag.


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