gameness gi reviews

Gameness Gi Reviews

Gameness has been in the business since 1998, and since then, they have continued to grow the reputation to become one of the most popular and sought after manufacturers of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gis. They focus on creating comfortable, functional apparel to give you as much freedom of movement as possible. Though some of their gis may have their faults, many people still consider them a go-to option. For our Gameness gi reviews, we checked out a few different ones, examining their features in addition to user feedback.

Before we begin, you can refer to the following size charts as it true across the board for Gameness gis unless otherwise noted:

(Adult Male & Unisex)

Size Height Weight Size Height Weight
A0 4’11 – 5’3″ 100lbs – 130lbs A0 149cm – 160cm 45kg – 58kg
A1 5’3″ – 5’7″ 130lbs – 165lbs A1 160cm – 170cm 58kg – 74kg
A2 5’6″ – 5’9″ 165lbs – 190lbs A2 167cm – 175cm 74kg – 86kg
A2S 5-7″ – 5-10″ 175lbs – 215lbs *Pearl* A2S 170cm – 177cm 79kg – 97kg *Pearl*
A3 5’10” – 6’2″ 190lbs – 215lbs A3 177cm – 187cm 86kg – 97kg
A3L 6’2″ – 6’6″ 190lbs – 240lbs *Pearl* A3L 187cm – 198cm 86kg – 111kg *Pearl*
A4 6’2″ – 6’4″ 170lbs – 240lbs A4 187cm – 193cm 77kg – 108kg
A5 6’4″ – 6’6″ 210lbs – 275lbs A5 193cm – 198cm 95kg – 124kg
A6 6’5″ + 240lbs – 325lbs A6 195cm + 108kg – 147kg
A7 6’7″ + 325lbs + *Pearl* A7 200cm + 147kg + *Pearl*


(Adult Female)

Size Height Weight Wingspan Size Height Weight Wingspan
F1 4’9″ – 5′ 85lbs – 105lbs 57″ A0F 162cm – 167cm 54kg – 63kg 144cm
F2 5′ – 5’4″ 100lbs – 125lbs 58.5″ A1F 167cm – 172cm 63kg – 70kg 148cm
F3 5’3″ – 5’6″ 120lbs – 150lbs 60″ A2F 170cm – 175cm 74kg – 83kg 152cm
F4 5’6″ – 5’9″ 140lbs – 175lbs 62″ A3F 177cm – 182cm 88kg – 99kg 157cm
F5 5’8″ – 6″ 170lbs – 205lbs 63″ A4F 185cm – 190cm 102kg – 111kg 160cm



Size Height Weight/Age
000 3’9″ – 4′ 40lbs – 55lbs / 3 – 5 yrs
00 4′ – 4’4″ 50lbs – 70lbs / 5 – 7 yrs
0 4’4″ – 4’9″ 65lbs – 85lbs / 7 – 9 yrs
1 4’9″ – 5’1″ 80lbs – 105lbs / 9 – 11 yrs

Elite Gi

gameness gi reviews


If it’s a plain, bare gi you’re looking for, then the Elite probably will not be for you. There are several embroideries on both the top and pants of the gi.

There’s the usual “G” symbol patched onto the shoulder of the top and the side of the pants. On the back of the pants near the bottom, you can find “Gameness” written out. The word is on the back bottom of the top and the front chest as well.

You will see a few other symbols on the pants and top in a bold red. If you open the jacket, you’ll even find a cool cameo pattern and two more symbols, one of which boasts the “Elite” name.

Even with these emblems, the gi still doesn’t look to be overwhelmed. In fact, many users have mentioned they appreciated the overall sharp aesthetics of this. You’re even given the option of colors: black, blue, or white. However, the patches do show up better on the black and white gis compared to the blue.


Looking at the comments of those who wore this gi, the consensus appears to be that it is generally comfortable. Much of that is due to the built-in rash guard liner on the jacket. It feels cozy enough that you may even forget you’re wearing performance gear.

With the pants, they have a draw cord designed with a good loop system. It certainly comes in handy with securing your pants while you’re busy rolling about.

There are some complaints though about the fit of the gi. Some have claimed the pants can be too long, but they do seem as though they’ll shrink a bit after washing. In terms of the jacket, it feels heavier compared to Gameness’ other gis. A lot of this heaviness is because of the rash guard.


The pants are designed with reinforced knees that provide the gi with greater longevity. As for the rash guard, it not only provides comfort, but it helps keep your opponent from getting a strong grip and possibly tearing your gi. There is a reason that this is used frequently in competitions rather than practice.

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Feather Gi

gameness gi reviews


As per usual with Gameness gis, the Feather comes with a color option of blue, black, or white. It’s not entirely plain as it does come with a few emblems patched on.

On the jacket, you can find “Gameness” written out on the back up near the collar. It’s written out in the front as well. There’s the standard “G” embroidery on both the pants and the top. Furthermore, there’s a rather cool pattern on the left arm as well.

It does come across a bit plain. If you enjoy some bold emblems, then you more than likely won’t like this gi for its aesthetic purposes. At the same time though, the blank space does give you the chance to provide your own emblems.


Initially, this gi looks to fit on the larger end of the spectrum. In particular, there’s a bit of room around the arms. Some appreciate this extra room in terms of moving more freely. Whereas, others may not enjoy the way it can hang.

There’s no worry about the pants falling though thanks to the sturdy drawstring. Also, the collar is made with a foam rubber inner, making the lapels more flexible which helps prevent chaffing.

Concerning weight, it’s very light. Users have noted that they don’t feel weighed down wearing this gi, especially when they sweat. All in all, it’s highly comfortable.


Like with other Gameness gis, the Feather has reinforced stitching to hold up against rough use, especially around the knees. As the collar is rubberized, it doesn’t just provide comfort, but it makes it far more durable in the long run.

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Pearl Gi


Compared to its predecessors, the newly designed Pearl lacks any fuss when it comes to aesthetics. It’s a straightforward gi.

There are minimal embroideries found. You can see “Gameness” on the jacket, and a “G” on the pants. The shoulders also have a small bit of patchwork to them. However, that’s much of all you will find. As with the Feather gi, the minimal emblems is good for those who want something basic, but not too thrilling if you’re looking for something with more punch to it.

For the men, the Pearl comes in blue, black, or white. If you do choose the white, many noted the emblems pop out a lot more for a sharper look.

The woman-version of the Pearl is only available in blue and white, and the white has two different accent color options: violet or pink. Other than that, it’s largely the same as the male gi.

There is also a youth version of the Pearl. It comes with more embroideries than the adult counterparts. “Gameness” is written out large on the jacket and the pants, while the shoulders have sharp pattern work as well. On the back is a large circle with the company name inside along with other qualities such as “respect” to remind kids how to be better martial artists.

Youth gis are available in white, pink, blue, and black.


Whether it’s the men, women, or youth version of the gi, once you put it on, you’ll realize just how comfortable it really is. It’s made using premium cotton, so you won’t feel any harshness in the fabric.

It has a rubberized collar that gives the gi that much more comfort and maneuverability, and the back is completely seamless to help with better rolling.

Upon whether it fits true to size, some users did mention that the jacket can be too long. They’ve opted for having it tailored to fit as, otherwise, it may hang off of you too much.


The Pearl is made using high-quality construction to withstand anything you do. It is reinforced throughout, making it the perfect gi for training purposes.

Thanks to the cotton/poly blend weave, the fabric itself is remarkably durable, fighting against wear and tear from getting thrown and from frequent washes.

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Air Gi

gameness gi reviews


Out of all the gis coming from Gameness, the Air is perhaps the most plain-looking and ideal one for those who don’t want any emblem standing out. This is true for both the adult male version and the youth version.

There’s nothing on the chest or back. Instead, the emblems remain on the arms and the pants. Even then, it’s the simple “G” embroidery and “Gameness” written out. If you want to add your own patches, then this gi is perfect for you.

Likewise with the other gis, however, is that the Air for adults comes in blue, black, and white. For the youth, it comes in black, blue, white, and pink.


This is one of the lightest gis on the market today. Many users spoke highly about how this is more comfortable to wear than they initially believed.

For the pants, there’s a drawcord that has adequate stretch to it for better adjusting and security. It’s a security that’s needed, however, as some people said the gi fits rather big in the pants. This is a feature that’s actually appreciated in the youth version as it gives kids room to grow.

In contrast, when it comes to the jacket, the fit can be too tight. It’s recommended that those who have wider shoulders buy up a size or consider another gi.


The durableness of the Air can be questionable sometimes. It is made from some sturdy fabric; the pants alone are designed with military-grade fabric. However, some users still noted that the seams tore after minimal use. It may be due to just how lightweight the gi is.

Even still, it does have reinforcement throughout, so it generally holds well for practices.

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With our Gameness gi reviews, you should have enough information to decide whether or not the company makes the right gear that will suit your needs. No matter any of their flaws, they remain highly popular gis that are comfortable to wear and easy to move around in.


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