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Top 5 Best MMA Hats

Looking for the best way to show off your love and dedication to your favorite sport? Then why not try out one of these top selling MMA hats? They're comfortable, trend-setting, and, most importantly, make a statement about one of the most popular sports around.

Product Summary

The Venum Logo Cap is made with a premium flex fit for comfort, and for aesthetic purposes, it's made in either black or blue.

UFC Fight Week Light Knit can look good whether in the gym or out in the cold weather.

The Venum Sharp 2.0 is a mid-profile cap that is typically true to size and is made with high-quality cotton material.

The UFC Men's Fight Week Flat Brim Snapback Cap is simple enough to adjust and is made from genuine, quality material.

Venum Navy St. Classic Snapback Hat features detailed stitching and the sizing is easy to adjust.

Reviews of Top 5 Best MMA Hats

This Venum cap made from cotton has a premium flex fit for a more comfortable experience. However, it doesn't seem to be available in larger sizes. Concerning appearances, it is available in either blue or black. No matter which color you choose, the famous 'Venum' name and log proudly stand out on the front.

Things We Liked

Color and logo stands out

Things We Didn't Like

Not available in large sizes

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This knit hat is made from a cotton blend and is available only in blue. Even so, the color allows the 'UFC' logo embroidered on the front to stand out. The 'Reebok' logo is also featured, yet smaller. It's a one-size-fit-all, and though it makes the claim to fit loose, some say it's tight.

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Things We Liked

Warm and comfortable material

Things We Didn't Like

Can be a tight fit

With a flex fit, this mid-profile cap comes in a bold black and white or a black and orange color pattern. The front features the 'Venum' name while the back has the snake logo. It's made from high-quality material that feels well and holds over time. Generally, it has a good fit, but it's limited in sizing options.

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Things We Liked

Impressive pattern design

Things We Didn't Like

Not many sizes to choose from

Made from 100% polyester, this cap is popular amongst MMA fans everywhere. It's made in either blue or black, and both versions showcase the 'UFC' logo in bold white letters across the front. As this is a snapback, it's easy to adjust the size. However, even at its highest setting, it can still fit tight.

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Things We Liked

Quality material

Things We Didn't Like

Runs small

Represent the Kingdom with the Venum Navy St. Classic cap. Everyone will know you're a fan with 'mixed martial arts' embroidered on the front. As per usual with Venum, the classic snake logo can be found on the cap as well. Underneath the bill is a classic green color. In concerns with the material quality, it doesn't feel as though it will hold up as well as other Venum caps.

Things We Liked

Well-made embroidery

Things We Didn't Like

Low-quality material

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How to Find the Best MMA Hat

Fans and practitioners alike can appreciate the trendy hats that show off your devotion to mixed martial arts, but with the many items available, choosing the ones that are actually comfortable and last long can be tricky. Here are a few tips on finding the right one.

Snapback or Not

First, you have to decide if you want a snapback or not. A snapback is essentially an adjustable cap. It all boils down to preference in the end. Some can fit non-snapback caps just find as most have a flex fit anyway.

All in the Details

Details are everything, especially on a hat. They can feature a variety of different embroideries, and how appealing they are can differ person to person, but what matters most is how durable the stitching is. If there is embroidery, you want it to both look good and last long.

Our choice

Out of the hats reviewed, the Venum Logo Cap beats out the rest. It's one of the top-selling items, and with a premium flex fit, almost anyone can wear it. The material used to make it is of high-quality so it's comfortable and will last you a long time.


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