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Top 5 Best Boxing Combos

Without boxing combinations, your match is lost. You need to mix up your strikes if you want to gain ground during a fight. There are some boxing combinations that work out better than others though. Here are five of some of the best boxing combos you should think about using in your next fight.

1. Jab-Cross-Lead Hook

The jab works as a great setup to just about any combination. It builds up the momentum while testing the range you have. Once that's done, the cross is thrown to help get you into position. You shouldn't put all of your power in the cross as it's not the main point of this combo. Lastly, you'll nail the lead hook.

This combo can work against the head, but it's powerful when it's mixed between the head and the body. Attack your opponent's head with the jab and cross, and while they're distracted with either protecting their head or preparing a counter, slam a hook into the body.

2. Jab-Rear Uppercut-Lead Uppercut

As per usual, the jab will start off this combo. It will ensure that you are close enough to your opponent to follow through with the next two strikes.

Now, when you bring in the rear uppercut, you must immediately follow it up with the lead uppercut. Don't give your opponent time to throw up a defense or a counter. Your opponent more than likely will not expect you to come in with two uppercuts, so you can catch them off-guard if you nail your timing right.

The video provides a good walkthrough on how to perform both the lead and rear uppercuts.

3. Lead Hook-Lead Hook

You may question using the same move twice for a combo, but I assure you that it will work in your favor if you use it correctly. If you're unsure, take a look at the video to see how it can play out.

What you want to do with this combo is focus one lead hook to the head and the other lead hook to the body. The first lead hook to the head will serve as a setup similar to what the jab does in other combinations. Once you deliver that strike, the majority of the time, your opponent will throw up a guard to keep their head safe. Their body is wide open for a strong lead hook. You can nail in an incredible liver shot here that can slow them down or even end the match.

4. Cross/Rear Hook-Lead Hook

With this combination, you can easily finish off an opponent. You have to be in good range and have the right power and speed to successfully pull it off though.

What you want to do is set it all up with either a cross or a rear hook to the body. This will hopefully have the desired effect of distracting your opponent and forcing them to focus their attention on lowering their guard. Meanwhile, their head is wide open. You have to move fast here and deliver a strong lead hook to the head. In many cases, this can knock an opponent down and finish the fight.

5. Cross-Lead Hook-Rear Uppercut

Yet another combination that will force your opponent to the canvas and end the match. This is one that is thrown with nothing but speed and power to get the full impact.

It begins with the cross testing the waters and distracting your opponent. Throw the cross and the hook at the head. This combo works on your opponent anticipating your next hit will aim for their body. So, they will drop their guard, leading you to end the combo with a strong uppercut to their chin that they won't see coming, thus knocking them down.

Tips and Tricks for Boxing Combinations

Now that you are aware of some of the best boxing combinations, let's take a quick look at some of the ways you can work on executing them so they work in your favor.

  • Tip 1: Always Mix Things Up. Although I've laid out some great combos, you don't want to fall into the habit of always performing them, in particularly during the same match. Your opponent is not stupid, and more than likely is thinking about using some of the same combos. Switch things up a bit and use different moves. Becoming predictable is a sure way of having all of your moves either blocked or countered. You want to keep your opponent on their toes by tossing in a new combination now and again.
  • Tip 2: Keep it Simple. It isn't advisable to use more than three strikes in one combo. Can it be done? Sure, many professionals have done it. However, it is high-risk and comes with the chance of you being countered. It's easier and more effective to keep your combinations simple and down to either two or three hits. The strikes flow better and you are more likely to land your strikes and rack up points or even a knockout.
  • Tip 3: Think About Your Power. Not every strike needs to have your full power behind it. In many cases, you are testing out your range or getting your opponent to switch up their guard. You don't want to expend your power on something like that, especially if your hits are blocked and you need to jump into a defensive position. You don't want to slow down when putting your guard back up or when delivering the hit that matters.
  • Tip 4: Don't Forget Your Range. This is just as important as your power. Your range will determine exactly what combination you can throw. It's why so many boxers use a simple strike like the jab to see just how far their opponent is before breaking out a combo. If you're too far, then it's pointless to perform certain combos that require you to be close range.
  • Tip 5: Practice. As with anything, you need to practice to get better. No one starts out knowing how to perform combos. It takes time and dedication in the gym to develop your skills. Train with a punching bag, shadowbox, or get in the ring with a sparring partner to work on these combos. Practice goes a long way to perfecting these techniques.

There are numerous of boxing combinations out there, but these five are some of the best boxing combos that can lead you to a victory. Consider implementing them in your next training sessions with a sparring partner and see how well they stand out.


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