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Top 40 Blogs That Will Help You In Your Martial Arts Training

We know that there are dozens of martial arts blogs out there all fighting for your attention, so it’s tough to pick out the good ones. We have sorted through them all and came up with the top 40 blogs that should help you along in your training.

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We’re fans of all of them.

Boxing News 24

martial arts training

Boxing News 24 is a great source for boxing fans looking for 24/7 news about their favorite sport. They post press releases, interviews, match outcomes, and more.

If you want to engage with your fellow fans, join in on their various discussion forums that range from talking about training advice to general boxing.

Boxing Insider

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Boxing Insider has been a massive source for all things boxing since 1998. You can find information about the history of boxing to current news happening today in addition to videos.

Occasionally, they post polls asking fans who will win an upcoming fight to get you more involved in the site.

Boxing News Online

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The Boxing News magazine has been a popular source for world boxing news since 1909. Anyone who’s a fan or practitioner of boxing has probably picked up a magazine or two, and their online outlet continues to expand their reach by sharing videos, training tips, rankings, etc.

East Side Boxing: Boxing 247

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At East Side Boxing, you can view recent news, interviews, results, and schedules for upcoming fights. They also post information about MMA for fans of the mixed martial arts sports as well.

For those wanting to get more involved, you can join the discussion forums with other fans.

The Way of Least Resistance

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As Dan Djurdjevic has been training in martial arts since 1981, he uses his blog as a platform to pass down all that he has learned.

He focuses on traditional martial art styles such as tai chi, karate, and kung fu. Alongside tips, he posts informative videos as well.

Okinawan Karate

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Ran by Charles James. This blog is for any martial arts fan looking to learn more about the art, especially if learning it for self-defense.

The owner makes it a point to reference everything he posts, as well as link to additional informative websites so visitors can learn more about the arts.

Grappling Girl

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Ran by Kim Rice. The blog is basically about the author’s experiences in the professional martial arts world. She posts images and describes her bouts in Jiu-jitsu trials.

Anyone interested in the art can find plenty of first-hand information from the blog.


martial arts training

Ran by Seymour Yang. Fans of martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can browse artwork influenced by it and other East Asian culture on the Meerkatsu website.

Artist Seymour Yang, based out of London, UK, showcases his various art pieces in addition to posting reviews of a range of products like grappling shorts.

Traditional Taekwondo Ramblings

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Ran by Ørjan Nilsen. Those looking for more information about taekwondo can find it at this blog.

You can read up on detailed posts related to a number of topics from specific techniques, to the history of taekwondo, and even on how to address common mistakes.

Expert Boxing

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At Expert Boxing, anyone from novice boxers to simple fitness enthusiast can find use in the extensive guides, strategies, and tips posted.

You can read up on the step-by-step training tutorials or opt to view the numerous videos posted if that approach suits you better.

Karate by Jesse

martial arts training

Ran by Jesse Enkamp. This is a go-to blog for those with a strong interest in karate. Jesse Enkamp is a self-proclaimed “karate nerd” who posts guides, videos, and seminars to educate others and help further their passion in the art of karate.

He aims to bridge classic techniques with modern ones.


martial arts training

Stephan Kesting’s blog is geared mainly toward BJJ. He posts numerous of articles under a variety of topics such as grappling techniques, conditioning, training, practicing self-defense, and some topics aimed specifically at beginning BJJ practitioners.

Martial Development

martial arts training

Martial Development is a blog dedicated to sharing the owner’s experience and interest in martial arts.

The blog focuses more on how martial arts can promote a healthier lifestyle rather than focus on competition.

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood blog is about promoting unity between practitioners of the art and other martial arts rather than competition. It discusses various topics like nutrition, techniques, professional interviews, and training.

A Beginner’s Journey

martial arts training

Ran by Joelle White. The blog follows a karate student and her journey as she learns more about the arts.

It is the ideal blog for any student or a prospective student looking to read about someone taking the same path. They can get an idea about classes and lessons and how to learn a particular ability.

André Bertel’s Karate-Do

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Ran by André Bertel. The blog is purely dedicated to the training of traditional Shotokan karate-do. André Bertel is a member of the JKA (Japanese Karate Association) that is based in Oita City, Japan, and he posts images, videos, and detailed training guides to help others interested in karate-do.

Martial Thoughts

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The blog is run by a martial arts practitioner who has practiced Chendokan Aikido and Sogetsu Kenjutsu for over 10 years.

He mainly posts podcasts, interviews, and thorough reviews about various books related to martial arts.


martial arts training

Anyone interested in authentic Chinese martial arts will find something to enjoy about browsing through the KaiMen section of the Plum Publications website.

There you will find books, DVDs, etc. that focus on various Chinese martial arts.

All the Best Fights

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Looking for some entertainment? You can find it at All the Best Fights. There, they have categorized some of the best fights in history from MMA, boxing, K1, and Muay Thai.

All the Best Fights allows to discover (or rediscover) great fights years old or new, and you even get to rate them.

The Tai Chi Notebook

martial arts training

Created and ran by Graham Barlow, the blog is a place for him to share his interest and knowledge about general martial arts.

In addition, he provides information about his own practices (Tai Chi Chuan and BJJ), as well as discussing XingYi and Choy Lee Fut.

Sensei Domi’s Tai Chi and Qigong Blog

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Domi’s blog seems to attract those interested in martial arts more as healing arts instead of using it competitively or as self-defense.

He posts about Tai Chi and Qigong, especially when it pertains to a person’s health such as dealing with stress, helping PTSD, cancer, etc.

My Budo Journey

martial arts training

Aikido and Kashima Shinryu Kenjutsu practitioner Myriam Rees began the blog to detail her journey to The Shiseikan Dojo to further her practice. She is a long-time practitioner with many disciplines under her belt.

Her blog can help those interested in understanding more about the arts as well as her journey.

John Titchen Practical Karate

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Those interested in martial arts as self-defense can find use in John Titchen’s site.

As a member of the British Combat Association and Chief Instructor of the Practical Karate Association, he offers many tips and advice in the form of articles and videos on how to use karate techniques for proper defense.

Martial (Zen-like) Koan Studies

martial arts training

Ran by Charlie James. The blog is dedicated to the author’s personal analysis on information pertaining to the martial arts. Mainly, posts are short excerpts or “koans”, which are simple stories that illustrate moral, spiritual lessons. Those generally into the arts may find some interest browsing through the posts.

Martial Art Library

martial arts training

Ran by Charles James. As the name implies, the site is dedicated to posting information about the blog runner’s list of reading material related to martial arts.

He not only provides a list, but he gives a description, detailed review, and a link to Amazon if one is available.

My Personal Karate and Martial Arts Philosophy

martial arts training

Ran by Charles James. This blog is unlike other martial arts blog as it doesn’t list techniques or guides. Rather, the blog runner just posts his own viewpoints and theories about self-defense, martial arts, and martial arts philosophy. He tries to reference everything so visitors can check the source for themselves.

My Black Belt Journey

martial arts training

David Ianetta details his journey to receive his black belt, one that he first started over 30 years ago.

He posts updates about his progress, sharing images as well, in addition to sharing his workout training. It’s a good blog for anyone who may be on a similar journey.

Round by Round Boxing

martial arts training

RBR Boxing dedicates itself to providing updates all about boxing. On their site you can find interviews, current news, photos, videos, rankings, and live results.

If you want, you can head over to their shop and view current products up for sale.

martial arts training

Ran by Can Sönmez. The blog takes a focus in BJJ. Fans or practitioners of the sport can find a slew of information such as the history of BJJ, the glossary of common terms found in BJJ, and beginner FAQs.

The website even posts teaching guides to help with common moves such as mounting and guards.

Milk. Blitz. Street. Bomb.

martial arts training

Ran by Laura Dal Farra. The website sees many contributors who focus on both martial arts (in particular, Muay Thai) and travel in Thailand.

Due to the variety of contributors that post on the site, you get a range of viewpoints about Muay Thai, martial arts, and the culture around it all.


martial arts training

Muay Thai fighter Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu details her experience in the Muay Thai world in her blog. She posts images, videos, aiming to cover a range of topics like exploring the issues surrounding gender.

Beginners can find help in her series of tips she posts to help those new to Muay Thai.

Work Train Fight

martial arts training

Work Train Fight facilities were originally founded by Alberto Ortiz in 2009. He dedicated the facilities to empowering those around them through the use of boxing fitness.

The blog is run by a variety of people who carry on that goal and post about many topics such as how-to’s and training guides.

Kung Fu Tea

martial arts training

Ran by Ben Judkins. The blog takes a more academic approach to studying Chinese martial arts. You can find posts about the history of Chinese martial art studies, women in martial arts, as well as martial arts pertaining to religions.

Occasionally, the blog makes off-topic, lighter posts such as current event news.

Book Martial Arts

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At Book Martial Arts, you will find several articles posted by a number of different contributors about martial arts. They discuss a range of topics.

You can read up on boxing tips such as building up your punching power to learning how to properly treat martial arts injuries.

The Fight City

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Based in Montreal, The Fight City primarily covers boxing in the area, but branches out globally as well as historically. It’s the website for any boxing fan.

You can find information about current fights in addition to reliving classics from the 1970s and earlier.

Boxing 4 Free

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Ran by Justin M. Salvato. Although the website was originally created as a training vehicle to teach the fundamentals of boxing, it turned into a place for anyone, fan and fighter alike, can enjoy.

There is still a training section, but the site also has fight commentaries, interviews, videos, etc.

Martial Arts Lab

martial arts training

Several contributors post on the website that explores various martial arts. On the site, you can discover information about using martial arts to better your lifestyle as well as learning about celebrity martial art practitioners.

BJJ Canvas

martial arts training

The blog is a good source for those starting out in BJJ. Practitioner Kenneth Brown posts detailed walkthroughs and tips to assist others with techniques such as proper sweeps.

He even posts videos to give you a better look on how things should be performed.

The Krav Maga Blog

martial arts training

Ran by Gershon Ben Keren. Another great blog for those looking for self-defense skills is The Krav Maga Blog. It teaches the Krav Maga Yashir System, a close combat system that’s used by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for self-defense and hand-to-hand fighting. This blog is filled with helpful self-defense articles.

Sensei Ando

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Ando created the site to share his techniques and martial arts advice so that those interested in the arts can get the most out of their training. He not only shares training tips, he also posts about using martial arts for self-defense.

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