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Best and Easy Muay Thai Combos

Practical and step-by-step instruction of highly effective Muay Thai combos.

Like any other martial art, Muay Thai offers an almost endless amount of techniques you can learn. 

If you want to truly devastate an opponent and own a match, however, you need to understand how to pair these techniques correctly for a powerful combo.

Whether you're just starting out or have practiced for years, it helps to stick to the Muay Thai basics.

Of course there are some more complicated combos that can end a match quickly, but the simple ones can work just as well if you know how and when to use them.

To help in your training, we address some of the best and easiest Muay Thai combos that will take your game to the next level.

Jab – Lead Teep

Nothing says Muay Thai basics like the jab and the teep (push kick). They're techniques you learn when you first begin your training, so using them together just makes sense.

First, you'll want to bring out the jab in this combo. Not only will it test your opponent's distance so you know just how close they are, but it can get them blocking their head rather than their lower body.

After that, you want to quickly bring in the teep. Since they'll still be focusing on that jab, they won't be expecting the lower kick. This will send them back and allow you to catch your breath and work up another combo.

Once you get in the initial two strikes, you can always add more moves to the combo to send your opponent over the edge.

Jab – Cross – Roundhouse

As you're learning Muay Thai combos, never forget how useful something like a cross and a roundhouse can be.

Like the previous combo, set this one up with the jab. Whether it lands or your opponent blocks it, come in fast and hard with the cross. Using these two gets your opponent to raise their guard and keep it there.

Waste no time in delivering a swift roundhouse kick to the side. As their guard should still be raised fending off your punches, the quick strike from the roundhouse kick is something they won't expect. This makes it more likely that it will land and cause some good damage.

Jab – Upwards Elbow – Low Kick

We're bringing in the jab again to start off this combo. Used here, this tests your opponent and prepares the upwards elbow technique. You want to throw the elbow with the same arm you threw the jab.

This combo doesn't completely intend for the elbow strike to land, but if it does, all the better. If your opponent expectedly blocks the elbow as the jab already prepared them to defend their head, then you still have one more move in your pocket.

Their lower body is wide open, so you bring in a fast and strong low kick. You're already at a good distance considering the elbow, so you should be able to land it with ease.

Jab – Cross – Liver Hook – Low Kick

Another easy and effective combo to use starts again with the jab. Once that's in place, throw in a quick cross to force your opponent to continue guarding their head.

As they're focused on their head, waste no time in bringing in a potentially match-ending move: liver hook. Properly placed with enough power, this body strike can send your opponent down.

If it doesn't, then feel free to end the combo instead with a low kick. This can help keep your opponent off-balance and maybe send them stumbling.

Lead Teep – Fake Teep – Superman Punch

When it comes to practicing some quality Muay Thai combos, consider implementing easy moves with something that may seem a bit more advanced like the teep with a Superman Punch.

This punch is attempted by many, and though it seems difficult, it can be as easy as it is effective once you understand proper timing.

Don't go straight into the punch. Instead, throw your opponent off a bit with a teep. When they come back in, trick them with a fake teep, which put them more on a lower guard.

In the split second time that your opponent is focused on your (fake) teep, jump right into the Superman Punch. They won't be expecting it and you can land what could be a tremendously powerful strike.


What makes those Muay Thai combos basic and easy is the fact that they use techniques you should have learned in the beginning of your training, but take them to another level. You can always add on to what you've learned to increase the power behind your combos.

The most important thing to remember, however, is to practice. Use these against a punching bag as well as a sparring partner to nail down the techniques so these muay thai combos are ready for you in your next match.


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