Which Martial Art Is The Right For You

Which Martial Art Is The Right For You?

There are tons of different martial arts on this world. Some of them are brand new, some have hundreds or thousands year history behind.

Whether you are seasoned martial arts practitioner and looking for something new or you are just about to start your adventure with combat sport you probably ask yourself the question which martial art is the right for you

It is not an easy task to compare martial arts as they differ in many aspects. To help you get oriented what could be your optimal choice we’ve prepared a short and practical infographic which is a great start for choosing the right style.

Check our brief explanation of 10 most popular martial arts.

For each martial art you will find the following info:

  • Style specific
  • Style beginnings
  • Fitness potential i.e. how much calories you can burn per an hour of training
  • Self-defense effectiveness
  • Greatest figures
  • Best films where the style is one of the heroes




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