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The Top 5 Professional Best Boxing Hand Wraps

Anyone into boxing or other combat sports should be quite familiar with hand wraps. For this review, we have come up with five of some of the best boxing hand wraps that provide the necessary comfort and protection you need.

There are few different types of hand wraps that are made with different materials or at different lengths, and this can make it tough to figure out exactly which one works best for you. 

We hope to provide you with enough information and feedback, both good and bad, to help steer you in the right direction.

At A Glance: Best Boxing Hand Wraps

Everlast is well-known in the industry for their boxing gear, and their Everlast Professional Hand Wraps are no different. The material is breathable and easy to wash, and the wraps are designed to work rather well for users who may want more support around the knuckles and wrists.

The Meister Adult Semi Elastic Hand Wraps are made with a comfortable, yet durable semi-elastic/cotton material. It is made with an oversized hook and loop strap and can be rather flexible due to the thinness of the material.

Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwraps use a blend of semi-elastic/cotton as well. They are a bit thick, yet they aren’t stiff, giving you freedom and comfort on top of keeping everything in your hands and wrists safe.

Sanabul Elastic Professional Handwraps are designed with a polyester stretchable material to make the wraps more secure and breathable. They have a softer feel to make wearing them more comfortable, but still provide enough protection to be worn for sparring or bag work.

Last up in the list below are the PRO IMPACT Mexican-Style Handwraps. These wraps can help retain sweat. They’re soft without being flimsy and can hold up to continued use over time.

Reviews of The Best Boxing Hand Wraps

Everlast Professional Hand WrapsBest Boxing Hand Wraps - Everlast Pro

These wraps are made of 55% Nylon and 45% Polyester, a spandex blend that can provide a more breathable material while still retaining the proper support needed.

This material also ensures that they don’t absorb sweat or water, which prevents them from growing bacteria.

With them being machine-washable and quick to dry, it can be easier to care for these wraps to make them last longer.

Beginning boxers or even those who just hit the bag for a cardio workout can find convenience in how simple it is to care for and clean these wraps.

Your knuckles and wrists should see some decent support with these wraps, and at 180-in. in length, you are given more than enough fabric to go around.

The Velcro is rather strong, however, can tear the fabric. Folding the Velcro on itself can be a workaround.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to clean/dry to reduce bacteria and odors
  • Length can help give it a more secure wrap
  • Thin enough to fit easy underneath a glove

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They can bunch up over long periods of training/exercise
  • The Velcro can stick to the wrap, which can fray the material and reduce the wraps’ longevity
  • After washing, they may become too loose

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Meister Adult 180-in. Semi-Elastic Hand WrapsBest Boxing Hand Wraps - Meister

There are around 20 different colors/designs to choose from these hand wraps, which may interest those who want to personalize their gear.

To keep the colors, you should follow the instructions to hand-wash first before using a washing machine.

They are made with an elastic/cotton blend, so you can get a more comfortable fit even as tighten the wrap. It has an oversized hook and loop strap and gives you a full 180-in. amount of support length.

The Meister Hand Wraps can work well for both beginners and experienced fighters. They have a good stretch that helps them conform to your hand and wrist.

The feel of the elastic can be enough so that you get a wrap that isn’t too tight or too loose.

Things We Liked

  • Elastic/cotton blend provides comfort
  • Good enough stretch to help adapt to fit hands and wrists
  • Thinner material can give more flexibility

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Color may bleed and/or fade
  • Do not appear to absorb sweat well
  • Velcro may unthread

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Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing HandwrapsBest Boxing Hand Wraps - Ringside

Ringside’s elastic/cotton Mexican-Style hand wraps come in your choice of 10 colors.

They have 180-in. worth of semi-elastic material and the design of the hook and loop closure can help you get these off and on relatively quick.

The wraps are thicker, which can aid in providing more protection, and the Velcro holds tight.

Beginners may find some comfort with the thickness of these wraps as they can help cushion the impact from hitting bags, especially heavy bags.

Even with the firmness, they can still conform to your hands for a more supportive feel. They also have a slight stretch, which helps keep them from bunching up and from being overly bulky.

Things We Liked

  • Thicker wrap can provide more cushioning for those who need it
  • Fair bit of stretch helps them contour to the hands and wrists when covered properly
  • Small amount of elastic makes them less stiff while still protecting the metacarpals

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The thickness may make it wrapping difficult
  • They may wrinkle up after washing
  • Some of the Velcro may become un-stitched

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Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-in. HandwrapsBest Boxing Hand Wraps - Sanabul

Sanabul’s wraps are ideal for both amateurs and professionals. There are six colors to choose from, if you desire.

The material is made out of soft polyester, and this also helps give it a more secure, stretchable fit.

The hand wraps do come across as more lightweight, however, which can be seen as a flaw or positive depending on the person.

Also, even at 180-in. length, those with smaller hands can still manage to find a comfortable and firm fit with these wraps. The elasticity in them helps mold the wrap to your hands as well as keeping everything stable.

Things We Liked

  • Material feels soft against the hands, which can aid in comfort
  • Elasticity allows the wraps to contour to the hands
  • Dry fast and provide decent breathability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Thinness may require you to wrap them several times for a secure fit
  • After washing, wraps may bunch and become difficult to roll
  • Durability over time is questionable due to thinness

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PRO IMPACT Boxing/MMA Handwraps 180-in. Mexican-Style ElasticBest Boxing Hand Wraps - Pro Impact

The Mexican-Style hand wraps from PRO IMPACT is made with an elastic material, and loop closure has a secure fit while the material helps the wrap adjust to your hands.

The thickness of them may be better for those with larger hands.

These wraps have enough stretch to them to give you a snug fit without overdoing it. PRO IMPACT wraps are designed to stand up well over time through various amounts of abuse.

When it comes to the Velcro strap, it spans the entire width of the wrap for easier attachment.

Things We Liked

  • Thicker material gives more hand protection
  • Stitching of Velcro pad holds strong
  • Can retain sweat well

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A manufacturing issue may make some of them appear to be less than 180-in. in length
  • May fold over itself when attempting to wrap
  • Hard to stay flat after a few washes

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Everything You Need to Know About Hand Wraps

Why Hand Wraps Are Needed

Hand wraps act as the first layer of protection for those who participate in combat sports. They protect the hand and wrist from harm by compressing the tissues and bones.

When you punch, you’re opening your hand and wrist to a variety of potential injuries. For example, you can expose your thumb to fractures or sprains.

Through proper use of hand wraps, the base of your thumb remains secure to the hand. This, in turn, can help prevent an injury like a sprain from occurring. In addition, it can significantly aid in strengthening the metacarpus.

Type of Hand Wraps

There are a few different kinds of hand wraps. Mexican-style has some elasticity to them, and they tend to be widely popular amongst boxers as some of the best hand wraps for boxing.

There are also training hand wraps that are made out of a reusable cloth material. When it comes to competitions, rules can restrict which type to use.

Typically, fighters may be given one roll of gauze with a specific length put in place. The Association of Boxing Commissions generally regulates it at no more than 20 yards of soft gauze.

When it comes to length, they tend to vary not only by rules but also by preferences. The size of your hand or your type of glove may dictate the exact length that will work best for you.

How to Apply Hand Wraps

There are few different methods you can use to apply hand wraps. What may work for one person may not work for another, so it may help to go through a few different ones to discover your preferred method.

You may want more thumb support or less padding around the knuckles. If you are unsure, there are step-by-step walkthroughs you can look over.

Also, a few individuals have posted videos on YouTube which can also help guide you through various methods of wrapping.

The Winner: Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

All the wraps have their good points and not-so-good points, but we feel the Meister Adult Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps win this round as the best boxing hand wraps.

The elastic/cotton material blend makes these both comfortable and sturdy so that you can achieve a secure wrap without being too tight or too loose. This helps the wraps provide optimal protection to keep you safe from injuries.

It can conform well to the hands and wrists, helping them grow in comfort and flexibility over time. With proper wrapping, you may even be able to hit the bag as hard as possible and still not feel anything.

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