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Top 5 Best Hand Wraps That You Love

We review five of the best hand wraps you can use in a variety of combat sports from MMA, cardio fitness, boxing, and kickboxing.

Everyone knows that a wide range of hand wraps exist, and the difficulty in choosing one resides on the fact that what may work for one person may prove less effective to another. 

So, we hope to provide enough supplemental information alongside detailed reviews to help you decide which wrap will serve your needs the best.

At A Glance: Best Hand Wraps

The Meister 180-in. Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps appear to be a popular choice for beginners to those who have been doing it longer. They can provide protection across many activities such as boxing, MMA, and cardio kickboxing. The fabric is a comfortable, soft mixture of cotton and elastic, and it has a bit of stretch to conform to your hands.

Another one from Meister is their Gel-Padded Pro-Wrap Hand Gloves that are quick to slip on and off; a feature many can benefit from. They have a right amount of cushioning, and the gel-integrated foam around the knuckles provides additional protection.

Sanabul Gel Quick Hand Wraps are easy to put on as well, and have gel padding around hands and knuckles. They come in a handful of different colors, and they have a secure and comfortable fit to stay on while you work.

Also by Sanabul are their Elastic Professional 180-in. Hand Wraps that are made with a polyester material to allow for comfort and easier maintenance. Material is also stretchable to fit better with the hands.

Rounding out the list are PRO IMPACT 180-in. Mexican-Style Hand Wraps that have a form-fitting elastic material and a secure fasten with a hook-and-loop closure. The thickness of them provides extra padding around the hands that can make these gloves optimal for heavy bag work or sparring.

Reviews of The Best Hand Wraps

Meister 180-in. Semi-Elastic Hand WrapsBest Hand Wraps - Meister

The Meister Adult Hand Wraps come in a wide range of colors and designs and are made from a blend of elastic and cotton.

It has a thumb loop and a strong Velcro strap to give you a more secure wrap.

These wraps can be used for many different activities. You can apply them for heavy bag work and sparring for boxing as well as use them for MMA and kickboxing.

They work well for both beginners and advanced fighters. The fabric is thick with decent elasticity to aid in making it stretch a bit more to conform to your hand better.

As for the hook and loop fasteners, they hold up rather well. As the wraps tend to be comfortable, those who practice cardio kickboxing can make good use of these whenever they have to perform other physical acts such as push-ups or have to leave them on for an hour or so at a time.

Things We Liked

  • Good elasticity that provides some stretchiness
  • Comfortable, durable blend of elastic and cotton
  • Thumb loop and strong Velcro strap

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The Velcro may start to come apart
  • Colors can fade or bleed after washing
  • Construction isn’t always good as some wraps are longer than others

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Meister Gel-Padded ProWrap Hand Wrap GlovesBest Hand Wraps - Meister Gel

These gel-padded hand wrap gloves from Meister are made with an elastic carbon fiber body that helps the gloves mold to your hands.

They can easily be worn underneath MMA or different types of boxing gloves. Around the knuckles is gel-integrated aero-foam padding to give you more protection.

The wraps are simple to put on and take on, so those who just want to get in some training classes such as cardio kickboxing or Krav Maga may find some good use out of these.

They have a decent amount of cushioning, but they may not be enough to do strong, heavy hits on a heavy bag, so take care with these wraps.

The wrist wraps on these gloves are long enough that they provide excellent supplemental protection and a more secure overall wrap.

Things We Liked

  • Gel-integrated aero-foam padding around knuckles
  • Easy and quick to put on and remove
  • The wrap around wrist strap for extra support

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The wraps may be uncomfortably small for some
  • Can be too thick for some gloves
  • Wrist strap can be too long to attach the Velcro properly

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Sanabul Gel Quick Hand WrapsBest Hand Wraps - Sanabul

These wrap gloves come in a few different colors, and they are a fast and easy way to help give your hands’ needed protection during various strike training.

There is gel padding around both the knuckles and hand area. The gel padding can assist in absorbing shock from impact well. They usually fit under traditional boxing gloves.

The Velcro wrap can give you an additional wrist support, although the wrap may stretch over time.

Stitching between the fingers can come across as a bit thick for some, but you can still benefit from better hand protection.

Things We Liked

  • Gel padding around both the hands and the knuckles
  • Decent amount of shock absorption
  • Can fit under most traditional boxing gloves

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Wrist strap can stretch out over time and make securing the Velcro difficult
  • Stitching around fingers can be thick, and finger holes can come across as small
  • Durability over time is questionable as Velcro can start to come up

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Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-in. Hand WrapsBest Hand Wraps - Sanabul Elastic

The hand wraps from Sanabul can work well with those who practice boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or kickboxing.

They are made with a stretchable, fitting, polyester material that can give you comfort on top of security, especially when compared to the more traditional cotton wraps.

Also, if you want some customization like from some of the other wraps, the Sanabul Elastic Hand Wraps come in your choice of six different colors.

They are durable enough for use every day, and they are lightweight and breathable. Those who box heavily can benefit from the extra length these wraps gives as it allows for further support and around the knuckles and wrists.

The elasticity allows for an overall snug fit. Being made from polyester, the wraps dry faster, but they can wrinkle if they are not rolled up properly afterward.

Things We Liked

  • Polyester material provides comfort and allows the wraps to dry out fast
  • Breathable and lightweight for additional ease of use
  • Durable enough to last well over time

Things We Didn’t Like

  • As they are soft, they can be too thin for some people
  • Can bleed when washed
  • They can wrinkle up when drying out

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PRO IMPACT 180-in. Mexican-Style Elastic Hand WrapsBest Hand Wraps - Pro Impact

These Mexican-style wraps from PRO IMPACT may be some of the best hand wraps for boxing.

The elastic material is conforming to the hand for a more secure, personal fit. They are machine washable, and they work well for practitioners of aerobic boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, etc.

When wrapped properly, they can offer excellent protection for those who especially need to keep their hands safe such as the case with sufferers of arthritis or those in a wheelchair who use their hands for everything.

They are rather thick, and depending on personal preference, it can be a good or bad thing. Those who don’t enjoy extra padding may find the thickness a bit uncomfortable.

The wraps hold up well, and the thumb loop is a good enough size to make hand wrapping easier.

Things We Liked

  • Durable to hold over time and easy to clean
  • Thickness can provide more protection around hands
  • Elastic material helps wraps conform to your hands

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May not always be 180-in. as claimed
  • Can crease after use and wash, which may make it difficult to keep straight
  • Don’t always fit well for those with smaller hands

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The Deal About Hand Wraps

Why Do You Need Them?

In combat sports such as martial arts or boxing, the hands are your most precious weapons that need to be taken care of at all costs.

Hand wraps can help protect you against potential injuries such as ‘boxer’s fracture‘, a term associated with a fracture in one of the metacarpal bones.

Of course, an improper punch can cause an injury with or without hand wraps, but wraps give you the chance to lessen the harm.

Traditional Hand Wraps

There are a few different types of hand wraps. 

Mexican-style wraps have a bit of elastic material in them, conventional ones are completely non-elastic, while training wraps, in most cases, are made out of reusable cloth.

How you wrap your hands is mostly based on preference as a few various methods exist.

Some opt to apply more padding to the knuckles, while some may feel they need more wrist support instead.

Applying a hand wrap doesn’t always come easy for everyone, which is perfectly fine. You can speak with your trainer or coach if you have one to figure out which method works best for you.

Likewise, you can view tutorials online such as videos to see how to wrap hands for kickboxing and other strike training.

When you are applying your hand wrap, remember not to go too tight as to cut off circulation to your fingers. You should still see a fair bit of mobility during and after wrapping.

Gel-Insulated Gloves/Wraps

Like traditional hand wraps, gel glove wraps gives your hands a layer of protective padding that aids in absorbing shock upon impact.

Applying them is simpler than applying traditional hand wraps as you just slip them on.

Although they do not provide the same level of support as hand wraps, they do well as shock absorbers so that they may work best during exercises like bag work, light sparring, or cardio kickboxing.

The Winner: Meister Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

Choosing only one of the products to be the ultimate best hand wraps is not a simple task, but out of the five reviewed above, we have to settle on the Meister Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps.

The wraps work well across the board for various striking activities, and are comfortable enough to be worn during classes or training where you may not always strike something such as with cardio kickboxing.

This comfort is attributed to the blend of cotton and elastic, a combination that also provides some stretch to allow the wraps to better conform to your hands.

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