solar plexus punch

How to Perform Perfect Solar Plexus Punch

Have you ever witnessed a fighter receive a hit around their abdomen and just instantly hit the ground? More than likely, their opponent just successfully hit their solar plexus. Whether you are in the ring or you are forced to defend yourself from an unexpected attack, hitting the solar plexus is an excellent way to knock down your opponent and readily gain the advantage. Actually performing a perfect solar plexus punch does not always come easy though. If you want to learn, check out the following details to discover how to develop your skills so that you can expertly land this classic strike.

Know What and Where the Solar Plexus Is

Although many may have heard about it, not everyone always seem to understand exactly what a solar plexus really is. The medical term for it is called "celiac plexus", but it is more commonly known as the solar plexus. Generally, it is a group of nerves in the abdomen. It is located behind the stomach and in front of the crura of the diaphragm.

A simple way for you to find the solar plexus is to start near the top of the abs. Poke around at your sternum (another term for breastbone) and travel down. You will certainly know when you've hit the solar plexus because it is not a good sensation to feel.

solar plexus punch

Practice Before you Try It

As with any attack, practicing it is important. When you first start out, a body bag opponent can come in handy. Once you learn where the solar plexus is located, try your hand at a BOB to start hitting that region. It is a great way to get yourself used to striking the right area.

However, it is important to understand that you have to move on to a living opponent to get a true sense of what it is like to hit the solar plexus. It helps to have a trustworthy training partner who's willing to serve as a punching bag for you to learn this move. Remember not to jump right in with a forceful solar plexus punch though. Even try doing it open-palm at first and just push in at the area rather than punching.

Even though you are not going full strength with this, make sure you also get used to understanding how to transfer your bodyweight over to your opponent. This is an important step regardless of what kind of punch you're doing. Transferring your bodyweight is a good way for your hits to have a bigger bite. You can do this by stepping forward and envisioning that you're hitting through your opponent.

In the beginning of your training, it can help to watch where you are hitting so that you know you're going for the right spot. Once you have become completely aware of the location of the solar plexus, you want to start practicing hitting the area without looking at it. Meaning: keep your eyes on your opponent's.

If you start staring downward during a fight, your opponent is going to catch wind that you're about to aim for the body rather than the face. This is a good way for your strikes to get blocked or countered. It can even lead to you getting hit and not expecting it since you aren't looking at your opponent anymore.

Keep your eyes locked to theirs no matter what. This way, they won't expect where you're going to go. In fact, they may even anticipate a blow to the head and place their focus there. This provides you a great opportunity to land a perfect solar plexus strike without them getting the chance to block it.

solar plexus punch

Understand the Effects

If you aren't aware by now, the solar plexus is a devastating place to strike for a reason. However, when you hit it whether you are practicing or fighting, it's important to understand exactly what that punch can do. When you strike the area, you are sending the diaphragm into a spasm. This can make a person feel extremely winded and cause breathing to become difficult. It can send them to their knees or even knock them out.

Being aware of the dangers that come with a solar plexus punch is especially helpful in teaching you to become more cautious when you train with it. Due to its location, not only can you hit the area and hurt your partner, but it's easy to miss and damage something around it. You can bruise a heart or injure a sternum instead.

Always understand the effects of your strikes prior to performing them. You should always grasp just how much harm you'll be causing another person whether it's an opponent or a training partner.

solar plexus punch

In Conclusion

Performing the perfect solar plexus strike will take time, caution, and most importantly, practice. Some people may luck out and hit it the first time around with no training. No matter, it always helps to actually understand what you are doing.

Just imagine how many use the punch in a professional bout. It may not look as flashy and over-the-top as some other attacks, but it is insanely effective. Try to nail it early in a match and see how quickly a fight can end.

The solar plexus strike is even useful when performed outside of the ring. For self-defense purposes, it is the ideal punch to have in your arsenal as you can render an attacker absolutely useless before they can cause you any harm. It allows you to either follow up with another attack or get away to safety.

Regardless of what you use it for, the solar plexus punch will always be helpful, so it's important to learn all about the area, where it is, and how to hit it to get the best use out of it.


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