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The Top 5 Best Judo Gi

Judo has been a popular practice for centuries whether it’s done professionally or recreationally.

No matter your reasoning for participating in the renowned martial arts, you should look into acquiring the best judo gi.

A wide variety of specific uniforms exist for each martial arts, and since some can be used for more than one practice, it’s inevitably a difficult task deciding which gi will work better for either training or competition.

Take a look at the following reviews of some of the best judo gi, and with luck, you may find the right uniform that can change your performance.

At A Glance: Best Judo Gi

The ProForce Gladiator Judo Gi/Uniform is a simple gi made from 100% cotton that beginners, both adults and children, can benefit from. It’s single-weave, yet it has the durability of a double-weave.

Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi Uniform has the advantage of a double-weave design, so it is less likely to tear, allowing you to perform longer and more complicated moves.

Fuji BJJ Uniform has a mid-weight design that’s 100% cotton with a thick, stiff collar.

The Sanabul Essentials Version 2 Ultra Light Gi w/ Preshrunk Fabric is single-weave and lightweight, which can make it ideal for training without overheating.

Fuji Judo Uniform, White has high-quality stitching with 100% soft cotton that works as a good entry-level uniform.

Reviews of The Best Judo Gi

ProForce Gladiator Judo Gi/Uniformbest judo gi

This simple judo gi is made out of 100% cotton, and it is available in the basic colors of bleached white and blue.

You can also get them in the less commonplace colors of black and natural, unbleached white.

In construction, it is made single-weave, but it can be seen to have the durability of the double-weave material.

It has a comfortable fit and a low price, which can be seen as a benefit for those new to judo or children who may quickly grow out of their uniforms.

There are no obvious, large-sized logos to be found, a feature that can be comforting to those who don’t wish to advertise anything.

Things We Liked

  • Good entry-level gi for children/beginners
  • Comfortable fit
  • No large logos

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Different quality between the pants and the jacket
  • Can be heavy for a single-weave
  • May shrink too much

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Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi Uniformbest judo gi

This double-weave gi by Fuji comes in the standard two colors: white and blue.

Made from 100% cotton, the collar is thick, and both the stitching and seams are of high-quality found in double-weave uniforms.

The fit should not restrict movement, making the gi good to be used for both training and competitions.

It can be stiff for awhile after first getting it, but once it’s broken in, it can have a more comfortable fit.

Before buying, consider your size in terms of the shrinkage that can occur.

For some, based on how you wash, it can shrink more than a double-weave should. Other than that, this gi can take some punishment due to the double-weave construction.

Things We Liked

  • Durability of the double-weave material
  • After a few washes can be comfortable against the skin
  • Weight makes it ideal for competitions

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can take some time to break in
  • May shrink too much for a double-weave
  • Sizing can be off

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Fuji BJJ Uniformbest judo gi

This BJJ uniform can be good for practicing judo only rather than used in competitions.

It is middle in weight, making it not too light or too heavy, and it’s made using 100% cotton material. Color choices include the typical white and blue as well as black and pink.

Color choices include the typical white and blue as well as black and pink.

There’s little excess material, which can give your practicing partner a harder time when trying to grab you.

You also should see good mobility when wearing this single-weave gi. It is soft, and it should hold up well through various training sessions.

It is soft, and it should hold up well through various training sessions.

Things We Liked

  • Soft fabric
  • Middle weight
  • Durable to last over some time

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Thickness can make you overheat in practice
  • Cut-wise, it leans toward fitting men better than women
  • Sizing between the pants and jacket may be off

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Sanabul Essentials Version 2 Ultra Light Gi w/ Preshrunk Fabricbest judo gi

This ultra-lightweight gi comes in three colors (black, white, and blue), and are preshrunk to the point that they should not shrink much after watching.

It comes made in a tapered athletic cut that should fit most body types, and there is no excess material hanging off.

Additionally, it is known as an all-around gi as it can be used across different martial arts such as BJJ, jiu-jitsu, judo, etc.

The break-in time is minimal with this gi as it can feel comfortable right out of the box.

The material is thick and durable, but overall, it is still lightweight.

This lightness can make practicing in warm gyms or warmer climate a cooler experience. With the pants, however, they can come across as thin enough to see through.

Things We Liked

  • Tapered, athletic fit
  • Lightweight quality
  • Durable material

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May be able to see through the pants (e.g. skin, underwear, jockstraps)
  • Sleeves may hang too long
  • Softness of material can allow an opponent to get an easy grip on you

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Fuji Judo Uniform, Whitebest judo gi

With high-quality stitching, this gi is made with 100% soft cotton.

It is single-weave, which makes it lighter in weight and thinner. As such, this gi can be more breathable, giving you a cooler experience when training.

It sells in sizes that should comfortably fit children as young as four-years-old.

For those older, sizes can run big but consider the shrinkage that will occur, and you should have one that fits well.

They are sturdy enough to hold up regularly against throws and other techniques, and they work as an optimal starter gi for those just beginning judo.

Things We Liked

  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Durable to last a few years
  • Sizes fit children well

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Shrinks generously, so consider buying a size bigger
  • Sleeves may be too short
  • Low-quality pants

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The Judogi

Facts about the Gi

A judo gi, similar to a karate gi, finds its roots in Japanese garments such as the Kimono.

Weight-wise, a judo gi is either single-weave or double-weave.

Double-weave weighs more and is thicker than single-weave gi.

Also, double-weave are usually pre-shrunk so that they shrink less, and they are seen as more difficult to grab compared to single-weave, an advantage one can use in competition.

Advantages of the single-weave come in the fact that being thin and lightweight indicates that the wearers have a reduced chance of overheating.

Many judo practitioners prefer using single-weave gi during extensive practices because of this trait. They are less durable than a double-weave gi, however, but they are a less expensive option.

Meaning of the Colored Judo Gi

White has always been the traditionally worn color for judo. However, since the 1980s, blue began to be seen as a secondary color.

Nowadays, it is common to see both blue and white judo gi used in practice and competitions.

Blue is not used to indicate skill or ranking. Rather, it is used in competitions to differentiate opponents from one another.

Recently, other colors have been adopted such as red or black. However, those are still rare, and typically only used in either special or far less formal cases.

If you are competing, you must wear your judo based on regulations as only white or blue judo gi are accepted.

Otherwise, for practicing purposes whether at home or in class, you should be safe in buying whatever judo gi you like.

Can You Wear Other Martial Arts Gi to Practice Judo?

In competitions, uniforms are strictly regulated per the International Judo Federation rules.

You can be disqualified for not wearing the proper gi, so your safest bet is acquiring a gi that specifically states it is for judo.

When thinking in terms of strictly practice though, there should be little problems with wearing a gi used for other martial arts such as jiu-jitsu.

Those uniforms may not be as sturdy as judo ones, and the sleeves may be shorter, but if you’re just using them for everyday training or fitness, feel free to buy your preferred gi.

The Winner: Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi Uniform

Many uniforms can fit the bill as a good-quality judo gi, but when we take in account use in both practice and competitions, we have to go with the Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi Uniform.

We believe that to be the best judo gi in our list as it as the durability to last quite some time. The double-weave gives you the advantage as your opponent has a harder time grabbing on.

Breaking it in can take some time, but once you do, the material feels comfortable and it shouldn’t hinder your mobility.

The fact that it can be used in local competitions as well as widely accepted in gyms makes it ideal as well.


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