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The Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

One of an essential equipment in boxing are gloves, and as there are many types, sizes, and weights, choosing the best boxing gloves for beginners can seem like an endless, daunting search. This article has reviewed 10 gloves, each with their advantages and disadvantages, in order to help you get a clearer picture of what to look for.

At a Glance: Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

The Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring Glove are all-purpose gloves that have a premium leather construction with a contoured hand compartment design. They give enough padding to give you both comfort and security.

TITLE Boxing Pro Style Training Gloves are made with a satin nylon hand compartment liner to help repel moisture and keep the gloves fresh and bacteria-free. They’re simple to remove and put on by yourself, and the wrap around leather wrist strap and hook-and-loop closure gives you additional support.

The ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves are the route those who want to save a bit of money should look for. They are designed to work well with basic bag and mitt work, and they have vented, flexible-grip palm to give more comfort.

Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training Gloves have dense, two-layer sandwich foam for shock absorbency. They adjust to fit your hands and are ideal for starter boxing individuals looking to do more bag work than anything.

Sanabul Essential GEL Gloves work quite well for beginners what with their longitudinal arch design that can help those who may not have a proper punch form develop one. The gel infused foam helps provide both softness and protection for security and comfort.

The Everlast 8 oz. Youth Boxing Glove can be a good route to go toward for beginning child boxers. They are breathable, snug, and hold up well through several kinds of abuse.

Another children’s glove from Everlast are the Everlast Youth Boxing Gloves. They are made to fit young children or those with very small hands, and they can give just enough padding for kids to get ample play time out of them while still learning proper technique on a bag.

RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Gloves have reinforced stitching on top of the quality leather used to make the gloves that allow them to remain durable and hold up for awhile. The wrist strap can be adjusted easily, and the super dense gel along with the foam technology provides all-around hand protection.

The Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves are created using durable material that both beginners and professionals can work with. They work well for strike training, and the sturdy Velcro straps ensure a secure fit.

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves come in a variety of colors, and the IMF Tech foam padding helps absorb shock and makes these gloves work well for light sparring and bag work.

Reviews of The Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring GloveBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Fairtex Muay Thai-Style Sparring Glove

These gloves by Fairtex, available in nine different color styles, are all-purpose gloves. Meaning, you can find use for them from sparring to bag work. 

They have a premium leather construction, which gives them more durability to last over time. With the easy Velcro enclosure, you can get in and out of these gloves easy enough.

They are padded enough to provide comfort, something that those in long kickboxing classes may benefit from. The padding does not erase the tightness of them though, so you still get a snug fit.

Things We Liked

  • Velcro enclosure allows you to get the gloves on/off with ease
  • Padding is done well
  • Good leather construction so gloves last over time

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Wrist support can be lacking
  • Can take a bit long to dry out
  • Slightly tight for those with larger hands

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TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Title Boxing Pro Style

The TITLE Boxing Pro Style Gloves are covered with a full grain leather shell for long lasting use. They come in the three main sizes (small, medium, large) you may typically find in a gym like for a kickboxing class or for basic bag work. Moisture is repelled thanks to the satin nylon hand compartment liner.

These gloves have good wrist support, and they fit comfortably snug with hand wraps. They’re easy to put on and take off without assistance as well.

The gloves can work well for someone who hits a heavy bag to stay in shape just as it can do well with someone who trains vigorously with a BOB dummy.

Things We Liked

  • Don’t need assistance to put them on or remove
  • Satin nylon hand compartment liner helps repel moisture
  • Good wrist support

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can feel stiff
  • Position of thumb can feel uncomfortable at first
  • Smooth nylon fabric inside may make your hands slide

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ProForce Leatherette Boxing GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Pro Force

ProForce Gloves can be a good economical choice that still gives you the protection you need. It has a pre-curved form fit and a vented, flex-grip palm.

They can work well for men and women, and are ideal for a variety of activities such as cardio kickboxing and fitness training.

These gloves work well for occasional use. They can be relatively easy to put on, and they are made with solid, quality material.

For bag work, the gloves have ample padding. There’s enough room for hand wraps or even a gauze and tape wrapping.

Things We Liked

  • Vented, flex-grip palm
  • Good for those on a budget
  • Well-padded for bag and mitt work

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Single stitching on thumb line can make rips occur easier
  • Padding is spread throughout rather than more toward the front
  • Wrist straps are small, so they may be tough to take off while wearing both gloves

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Everlast Women’s Pro Style Training GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Everlast Women

These semi-pro gloves are designed with women in mind. Dense, two-layer sandwich foam absorbs shock. By contouring to the natural shape of your hands, the gloves promote proper punch technique.

Ventilation is rather good thanks to the mesh ventilation panels so the gloves don’t lock-in any odors. These work well with kickboxing aerobics and basic bag work. There is also even padding around the gloves. 

The material isn’t leather (80% Polyurethane/20% Polyester), but at its price range, it can be a good buy for those just getting into boxing.

Things We Liked

  • Antimicrobial lining and mesh ventilation panels keeps hands cool and prevents odors
  • Padding is well-distributed
  • Aid in promoting proper punch technique

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some of the sizes can be too big/too small
  • May have a bad smell to them out of the box
  • Although evenly distributed, padding can come across as thin

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Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing Kickboxing Training GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Sanabul_Essential_GEL

These gloves by Sanabul are designed with performance engineered leather construction that helps make them easy to clean and maintain.

The secure Velcro closure system allows you to easily put them on and remove without outside aid. Also, the longitudinal arch design helps you maintain the form of a proper fist.

They can be a bit roomy, so try to stick to the standard size you would usually wear. The mesh on the palm helps cut down on sweat, and the Velcro strap can give you adequate wrist protection.

Things We Liked

  • Longitudinal arch design that helps you develop and keep a proper fist
  • Mesh palm can help limit sweating and keep you cool and comfortable
  • Velcro is strong and easy to attach

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May not be durable for consistent heavy bag sessions
  • Can take some time to break in
  • Hand wraps may make gloves tight

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Everlast 8 oz. Youth Boxing GloveBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Evelast 8

For those younger beginner boxers in your life, these gloves from Everlast are constructed using durable, synthetic leather.

They use a wrap around Velcro strap, so children should find it easier putting these gloves on by themselves.

There are good budget gloves for kids. They’re comfortable, snug, and can hold up through a variety of exercises from heavy bag work to kickboxing classes.

The curved anatomical grip can help kids feel at ease developing proper form.

Things We Liked

  • Simple wrap around strap to help youth boxers easily slip these on/off
  • Can hold up well through a variety of activities
  • Comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of time

Things We Didn’t Like

  • On the tough side, so not optimal for sparring sessions
  • Can have a strange odor
  • May be too snug for older children

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Everlast Youth Boxing GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Everlast Youth

These gloves can fit children as young as 3-years-old, and unlike the previous Everlast gloves, these are not made with a wrap around Velcro strap. Rather, these gloves simply slip right on.

They are also softly padded and durable.

With toddlers, these gloves give them ample room to grow into while still providing them with a sturdy, secure feel.

They can appear to lean more toward play boxing, but they still hold up against a bag.

Things We Liked

  • Soft padding that can work well for young toddlers
  • Allows kids to grow in them
  • Sturdy build

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of a strap or lace up design can make the gloves difficult to stay on right
  • May not be comfortable to wear long
  • Lack a natural curve

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RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Boxing GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - RDX

These 100% authentic cowhide leather gloves have a 360 wraparound strap to deliver a snug fit while giving better wrist support.

Knuckles are protected thanks to the multi-layer gel integrated padding, while wrists and thumbs are given support with the block padding.

Moisture is expelled with the S.P.P Ventilation System that uses special perforations on the gloves.

The gloves can be capable of fitting a variety of people as the wrist straps allow for sizing adjustments. With hand wraps, you can get a supportive, yet not too snug of a fit.

You may even see a stamina boost while doing bag work thanks to the gel padding.

Things We Liked

  • 360 wraparound strap can allow for some sizing adjustments
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Good wrist support

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Breaking in period can take some time
  • Those with larger hands may feel the gloves are too snug
  • Can be a bit long and go up the forearm

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Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Venum Challenger

These lightweight boxing gloves have triple density foam for shock absorption, while the quality PU leather construction gives the gloves durability.

They are ideal for strike training (e.g. fitness, bag work), and are affordable without sacrificing quality. You can strike safer as the gloves are designed with reinforced palms and a curved anatomical shape.

The Challenger 2.0 gloves can give you good wrist support so you can start hitting the bag harder without worry of injuries. They are solid entry-level gloves that even professionals can find use in.

The Velcro straps give you more freedom to put them on and take them off by yourself, and they are secure enough that you may even have to use your teeth to remove them.

Things We Liked

  • Triple density foam absorbs shock
  • Curved anatomical shape
  • Adequate wrist support

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May have to clinch often to make a fist
  • Foam can wear down
  • Can sit quite high on the forearm

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Ringside Apex Flash Sparring GlovesBest Boxing Gloves For Beginners - Ringside

The Apex Sparring Gloves are made with synthetic leather to allow for simpler cleaning. They have an attached thumb, an antimicrobial liner, and a mesh palm. Size-wise, they come in both 14 oz. and 16 oz.

Ringside’s Apex Gloves have extra elastic across the fingertips inside to help prevent the gloves from sliding.

The cushion inside is nice, and although the gap between the top of your hand and wrist is flexible, as long as you can throw a proper punch, you should experience no complications.

Things We Liked

  • Extra elastic across the fingertips
  • Synthetic leather can make cleaning easier
  • Good padding

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Stiff foam can make break-in period tough
  • Can allow for bend at the wrist
  • May not last through heavy use

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Boxing Gloves: What Beginners Should Keep in Mind

Know Which Type of Gloves to Use

There isn’t just one type of boxing gloves. Rather, there are a few variants. When you’re shopping around, you will see bag gloves, sparring or training gloves, and competition gloves.

Also, you may see what many dubs as ‘fitness gloves’, which are typically found in gyms, kickboxing classes, and local stores. Still, those can fit within the previous three categories of gloves.

Competition gloves are designed for both amateurs and professionals, and they will provide optimal protection. If you are just starting out, however, then you may not look to these types of gloves yet.

You may lean more toward bag gloves. They are among the most recommended type for non-sparring individuals, and most of the best boxing glove brands make them. Bag gloves work best by protecting your hands while doing bag work.

Sparring or training gloves are another type to try for beginning boxers. Typically, you can use these on a bag as well or in the ring while training with someone else. These gloves protect both you and your partner, if you have one.

Understand the Weight of the Gloves

In general, gloves can weigh from 6 oz. to 20 oz. For young children who are beginning boxers, 6 oz. is typically a good start. For men, women, or teenagers, 12 oz. or less may be ideal.

When you examine gloves found in a kickboxing class or in the gym, they can sometimes be sorted as ‘small’ (12 oz.), ‘medium’ (14 oz.), or large (16 oz.). Those sizes are standard when it comes to basic training and fitness.

If you are looking to improve your speed, then you can try going a size heavier as that can help build up your endurance and strength, an improvement you can see more once you return back to your regular glove weight. Also, remember to keep in mind your own size (height and weight) before settling on a specific glove size.

For beginners that are serious about the sport, think about purchasing more than one pair of gloves, both at different weights if possible. You can use a lighter one, around 10 oz. or so, for tackling the speed bags, and you can then use heavier gloves with better padding and protection if you want to spar with another opponent.

Do remember to wrap your hands before putting on a glove for greater support. If you are unsure how to properly do so, you can consult with anyone experienced with boxing, or you can even check out a video walkthrough if no one is nearby to help. In addition, hand wraps can take up room within a glove, so keep that in mind prior to settling on one glove size/weight.

The Winner: RDX Cow Hide Leather Gloves

We understand that trying to find the best boxing gloves for beginners is not an easy task. We feel that the RDX Cow Hide Leather Gloves are the top pick. The material put into making them gives them good durability so that you can have them for a long time. Also, the foam technology and the multi-layer gel integrated padding will help keep your hands safe as you embark on your boxing journey.

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