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Top 5 Unique Best Karate Gi

I'm think that you agree with me when I say:

Selecting a karate gi can be a difficult task as you have to take into account things beyond color and general size, and instead, have to look into a range of features such as material and cut.

With this article, we’ve thoroughly gone over a handful of uniforms to make your search for the best karate gi easier.

At A Glance: Best Karate Gi

The White Century Martial Arts Karate Uniform may work best with beginners and during practice. It is made from a durable cotton/polyester blend that should hold up well over time.

The Tiger Claw 7.5 oz. Black Student Karate Uniform becomes softer after each wash, allowing for a more comfortable experience. The material is durable and it shouldn’t wrinkle up.

Otomix Martial Arts Karate Uniform is a 6 oz. Gi that comes in either white or black. A white belt accompanies it, and it is optimal as a starter uniform.

Tiger Claw 6 oz. Essential Karate Uniform is made with lightweight material that enhances breathability to keep you cool and comfortable. It is thin and serves as an inexpensive gi for starter martial artists.

The ProForce Gladiator 7.5 oz. Elastic Drawstring comes in four colors (black, white, red, and blue), and it can work as a good middleweight option for beginning users. It is even designed in the classic, relaxed fit.

Reviews of The Best Karate Gi

This karate gi comes in all white and includes a white belt. It is made from a cotton and polyester blend, and the waistband, measuring at 1 ¾ in., is elastic with an enclosed draw cord.

Further, concerning the fabric, it appears to be durable enough. However, it is on the thin side in addition to being see-through. Consider matching your clothes underneath.

It washes well, and it should experience minimal shrinkage afterward. Overall, it is light in weight, a feature that can help make it ideal for practicing as well as for beginners.

best karate gi

Things We Liked

  • Durable fabric to withstand a beating
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal shrinkage after wash
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Material can seem stiff
  • Sizing may be difficult
  • Material can wrinkle
  • This black gi has the traditional, wraparound build. In the pants are additional double inseam and full gusset. The waistband is elastic with a drawstring.

    Made of polyester and cotton, it has a wrinkle free finish and comes with a white belt.

    At first, it can come across as rather stiff. However, after a few washes, it should feel softer and more comfortable. The black also rarely fades as long as the uniform is washed correctly.

    Sizing is a bit off, but as a whole, the uniform is sturdy to hold through rigorous practice without weighing you down.

    best karate gi

    Things We Liked

  • Wrinkle-free finish
  • Becomes softer after washing
  • Sturdy build
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Sizing is off
  • Pants can be tight around waist/hips
  • Jacket may be too big for some
  • The Otomix Karate Uniform comes in either white or black and is made with a durable blend of cotton and polyester that won’t shrink.

    It is ideal for beginners and students. The package comes with elastic waist pants, a crossover jacket, and a white belt.

    This gi is lightweight without being too light. It won’t cause you to overheat, and it’s overall comfortable to practice in.

    The drawstrings on the elastic waistband help secure the pants. However, the gi tends to run small or otherwise different from the stated size.

    best karate gi

    Things We Liked

  • Durable material that doesn’t fade w/ minimal shrinkage
  • Drawstrings help further secure the pants
  • Lightweight to not cause overheating
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Tends to run small
  • Pants may fit long
  • Belt can be too short
  • This ultra lightweight gi is made from a poly/cotton blend that is wrinkle-free. It comes in white with a white belt, and features the traditional martial arts style with a wrap around tie top.

    It is reasonably priced for a user who is just starting out, but it doesn’t have a cheap feel. Rather, it is made of high-quality material that is breathable and comfortable.

    It is thin, but not enough to be completely transparent. Sizing-wise, the gi will typically not fit snug and instead have room to grow.

    best karate gi

    Things We Liked

  • Traditional Martial Arts style
  • Good quality, durable material
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Pants and top may not fit the same
  • Takes some time to soften up
  • Slim fit that may not fit some people
  • With the ProForce Gladiator gi, you get the option of choosing from four different colors: black, red, white, or blue. It is a middleweight gi designed in the classic, relaxed fit.

    The gi comes with a full cut traditional jacket, white belt, and pants with an elastic pull-string waistband. It is made using a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester, and it is stitched with a reinforced seam and gusseted crotch.

    It can come across as slightly long in the arms and pants legs, but that can give users room to grow in as well as room for shrinkage. The fabric has a good weight to it, and the material is thin without being see-through.

    best karate gi

    Things We Liked

  • Designed in the classic, relaxed fit
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Fabric has good weight to it
  • Things We Didn't Like

  • Drawstring appears to be too long
  • Sizing is tricky and off at times
  • Arms and pants legs can be too long
  • Advice on Karate Gi

    What Exactly is a Karate Gi?

    In short, a gi is another name for a uniform. The formal Japanese word is ‘karategi. These traditional uniforms are required to be worn during competition and practice.

    Karate gi can resemble other martial arts uniforms such as a judogi (Judo uniform). However, unlike a judo uniform, karate gi typically has a lighter overall feel as well as a looser fit.

    They are made from smooth cotton, and generally use the basic, traditional colors of black and white. Design-wise, they are made to maximize speed and mobility.

    What Makes a Good Karate Gi?

    Karate itself is an art that mainly practices various stances and strikes from kicking to punching. Because of this, the uniform should be made in a way that allows you to move without restrictions.

    For instance, the jacket should give you enough room to move your arms and twist your waist with no limits.

    As for the pants, they should allow the complete freedom to let you perform the various kicks and stances without difficulty.

    Other Features to Look For

    Karate gi comes in three primary cuts:

    • Japanese,
    • European,
    • Kata.

    The Japanese cut has short sleeves and pants, while the European cut has longer sleeves and trousers.

    However, the Kata has the shortest sleeves out of the three cuts.

    Other than cut, you must pay close attention to size or else you may feel uncomfortable in your gi.

    Some brands may differ somewhat from each other, but there are still standardized sizes across the industry.

    If you are unsure how to begin sizing or even how to properly wear your gi, you can ask your instructor additional assistance.

    There are countless of karate gi on the market, and each brand can design them in different ways. In the end, it boils down to personal preference.

    However, out of the five we listed in our review, we decided to name the Tiger Claw 7.5 oz. Black Student Karate Uniform as the best karate gi.

    It is weighted well to give you excellent breathability as well as hold up against strenuous use without weighing you down. The material is even inclined to become softer after each wash and withstand wrinkles, providing you with additional comfort. It's our selection of best karate gi.


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