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The Top 5 Best MMA Shorts

For those who practice MMA, nothing feels quite as good as well-fitted, quality MMA shorts. These shorts allow you to perform those take downs and grappling with better mobility than your average Muay Thai or boxing shorts.

Whenever you’re in the market for MMA shorts, it’s inevitable that you will be bombarded with dozens of brands and even more shorts vying for your attention, which can make choosing just one pair more than a little complicated.

Take a look at our reviews below and examine both the positives and negatives so that you can settle on the best MMA shorts for you.

At A Glance: The Best MMA Shorts

The Meister MMA Dragon Hybrid Flex Board Shorts incorporate a blend of a full Velcro and drawstring enclosure to keep the shorts tight against the waist. They also have flex nylon panels inside both legs to aid in movement.

The Epic Blank MMA Shorts are made with no type of logos or designs that may be distracting to some wearers. Slits are large to help give greater mobility, and the fabric is breathable for a cooler, comfortable experience.

CLINCH GEAR Pro Series MMA Shorts are made from suede microfiber that holds up well while allowing you to feel more comfortable. The double Velcro keeps the pants secure and the spandex stretch material grants flexibility.

Anthem Athletics Resilience Fight Shorts have a two-fold Velcro system over the inside drawstring to help reduce the chance of chafing in the front. The side slits and four-way stretch crotch benefits users by helping them remain agile.

The Meister MMA Compression Rush Fight Shorts feature a Velcro enclosed cup pocket to keep athletic cups secure. The four-way polyester/spandex material has anti-odor properties to give you a cooler, drier experience while allowing for good range of motion.

Reviews of The Best MMA Shorts

Meister MMA Dragon Hybrid Flex Board Shortsbest mma shorts

These shorts from Meister combine flexibility with durability. They use both a full Velcro and drawstring enclosure to help make things more secure.

Material-wise, they’re made from a blend of polyester and nylon, which aids in the shorts holding their shape regardless of what you’re doing. Flex nylon panels are found inside both legs to provide additional mobility.

For aesthetics, these white shorts are designed with a black dragon on one thigh.

Overall, the material in these shorts is lightweight. The combination of a drawstring and Velcro can help keep these shorts tight to the waist without being too snug. Velcro is also lined so that it doesn’t rub against your skin.

Things We Liked

  • Combination of Velcro and drawstring waist enclosure
  • Flex nylon panels inside both legs
  • Breathable, cool material

Things We Didn’t Like

  • One leg can be longer than the other
  • Thinness of the shorts can make them see-through
  • Stitching can fray

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Epic Blank MMA Shortsbest mma shorts

These high-quality shorts are available in four colors (black, white, gray, and red), and are blank with no logos or designs added. Features include a double Velcro enclosure, spandex crotch, and a stretch panel.

The slits on either side are quite large compared to some other shorts. This can allow for a better range of movement for some people.

Along with the Velcro, the rubberized waistband helps keep the shorts from sliding down during strenuous activities. The internal drawstring further tightens the shorts. The fabric is breathable, and each seam is triple stitched.

Things We Liked

  • Large slits can provide more movement freedom
  • Breathable fabric
  • Shorts don’t slide down while training/competing

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Rubberized waistband can feel uncomfortable
  • Shorts appear too long/fall past your knees
  • Can run big in size

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CLINCH GEAR – Pro Series – MMA Shortsbest mma shorts

The Pro Series fight shorts come in over a dozen different, basic colors for those who appreciate aesthetics. They feature 360-degree side flex panels and SuperStretch for higher range flexibility.

The fabric is a suede microfiber that balances out both weight and comfort. Also, the shorts have moisture-wicking properties to limit sweat absorption.

These shorts can fit well over compression shorts or jockstraps, and they are comfortable to wear whether you’re working out or fighting on the mat.

Stitching is done well, and the fabric is durable without being heavy. Split seams are short, but the spandex on both the outer and inner thighs helps with the mobility. The double Velcro seal ensures that the shorts will stay up.

Things We Liked

  • Double Velcro system
  • Suede microfiber helps with softness and comfort
  • Stretch spandex provides additional flexibility

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Material may fade after a few washes
  • Can come across as too baggy
  • Sizing-wise, they may run large

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Anthem Athletics Resilience Fight Shortsbest mma shorts

The Anthem Athletics Fight Shorts come in a few various design patterns that aren’t too flashy.

The fabric is tear-resistant, and the waistband features two-fold Velcro and drawstring that shouldn’t cause chafing in the front.

These shorts can work well whether you’re practicing MMA, WOD, BJJ, or even Muay Thai. They have a snug fit to prevent being pulled down during sparring or competitive matches.

With a four-way stretch crotch and side slits, you can maintain your agility and freedom to perform a variety of techniques. These features allow for a good balance between durability and movement.

They shouldn’t shrink after washing either.

Things We Liked

  • Two-fold Velcro covers drawstring to prevent chaffing
  • Four-way stretch crotch
  • Slick, comfortable material

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May fit tight around hips/upper thighs
  • Sizing can run small
  • Can hang baggy on some people

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Meister MMA Compression Rush Fight Shorts w/ Cup Pocketbest mma shorts

The compression fight shorts come in two basic colors of either black or red. The waistband is elastic to aid in giving you a secure, easy fit.

The material is four-way polyester and spandex stretch that has anti-odor properties that help repel sweat while controlling body temperature.

The inner cup pocket has a Velcro enclosure that should fit well with most cups.

With or without an athletic cup, these compression shorts can provide adequate support. Although it can be a snug fit, movement isn’t restrictive.

The shorts are sturdy, so they should hold up to whatever punishment you put them through.

They are comfortable as well, and as they help repel sweat, they should keep you both dry and feeling cool.

Things We Liked

  • Elastic waistband keeps shorts snug and in place
  • Velcro enclosure on cup pocket
  • Four-way stretch

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Color may bleed into other clothes
  • Many cups may not fit inside the cup pocket
  • Lettering on the sides may peel off

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Mixed Martial Arts Shorts: An Overview

What’s Different About MMA Shorts?

To start, in regards to clothing, all that is generally allowed is for men to be bare-chested and wear shorts, and for women, to wear shorts and either a sports bra or other form-fitting shirts. MMA shorts are designed specifically for Mixed Martial Arts.

MMA as a full-combat sport  requires a variety of different strikes, grappling moves, and various techniques from both martial arts and other combat sports. Because of this, your shorts should be designed with features such as mobility, comfort, and durability for you to perform properly.

Features to Look For

Before you settle on a pair of MMA shorts, the features that some may find appealing may not work for you. You should always make your decision based on what you feel is more comfortable wearing.

About features, some MMA shorts use a drawstring, while others only use an elastic waistband. Another feature to look at is the split seams, which are seams left intentionally open down the legs of your shorts.

Another feature to look at is the split seams, which are seams left intentionally open down the legs of your shorts.

Different brands may design them in a variety of ways. Some are shorter, while others rise a bit higher up the leg. Split seams are there to remove any restriction you may have when performing high kicks or throwing knees.

Split seams are there to remove any restriction you may have when performing high kicks or throwing knees.

Similar to split seams, flex panels can grant you more mobility. The flex panels are usually around the crotch region or on the sides.

Take care also to examine the type of material used to make the shorts.

A higher quality material will typically have more stretch to them. This grants you a greater range of flexibility, allowing you to do things such as grappling or rolling on the mat.

What About Compression Shorts?

The use of compression shorts have grown over the years, and you can find many MMA practitioners from professionals to amateurs wearing them.

They benefit the muscles the most as they help keep the muscles warm to fight against strain, and in general, maintain the muscles in their best working condition.

An bonus of compression shorts is that it stops the thighs and groin from rubbing against one another while also pushing away sweat. This, in turn, helps to prevent skin rashes.

Should you wear compression shorts either alone or underneath your MMA shorts? The only person that can answer that question is you. Decide on whether they’re comfortable enough for you and go from there.

The Winner: CLINCH GEAR – Pro Series – MMA Shorts

There are many good MMA shorts out there (as well as ones that aren’t so good), and after conducting five thorough reviews, we chose the CLINCH GEAR – Pro Series – MMA Shorts as the best MMA shorts.

They feature everything you can want from a pair of mixed martial arts shorts. The suede microfiber is both comfortable and durable, and they utilize moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and cool.

To help keep things secure while you move, these shorts feature a patent-pending DoubleGrip waistband. Your flexibility shouldn’t be hindered either thanks to the stretch spandex and 360-degree side flex panels.

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