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The Top 7 Best Free Standing Punch Bags

Finding the best free standing punch bags that suits your needs can be time-consuming as you take into account features like mobility, weight, and durability.

In this article, we have reviewed seven of the best free standing punching bags, addressing the necessary features so that you can better make a decision.

At A Glance: Best Free Standing Punch Bags

The Kid Kick Wavemaster is arguably the best free standing punching bag for children who want to exercise, train, or just have fun at home. It has four height adjustments, and when filled with water or sand, it can weigh approximately 170 lbs.

The Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag uses high-density foam for that helps make it more durable. It’s simple to tilt and move around, and it has good height and surface area.

Century BOB XL with Base Unit works best for accuracy training for those who practice martial arts or self-defense. BOB can even be removed from the base for ground pounding.

Century Versys Fight Simulator can be the ultimate versatile bag for training such as kicks and ground fighting as it combines a freestanding bag and a grappling dummy.

The Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag has high-grade shock absorbing foam and an Omniflex neck to help with impact resistance. It is also easy to assemble and move to the position in various locations.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster has a low-profile base and long padded area that allows adults to practice kicks without hitting the base as well as let the bag be used for children. It uses high-density foam that’s covered in a poly-shell.

Century The Original Wavemaster has a round base for easy rolling and has seven height adjustments. With its rebound and resistance, it is best used for those practicing speed drills or routine bag work.

Reviews of The Best Free Standing Punching Bags

Kid Kick Wavemasterbest free standing punch bags

This freestanding bag is designed for children to help introduce them to the world of combat sports from boxing to martial arts.

It’s made using high impact foam that’s covered with nylon, and it has four height adjustments.

The base can be filled using either sand or water, and when loaded, it weighs around 170 lbs.

The Kid Kick is relatively easy to move around, and with its adjustable height, kids at various ages and sizes can make good use of the bag.

Placing it on a mat can aid in keeping it steady while also limiting the noise it produces when hit.

Things We Liked

  • Four height adjustments
  • Easy mobility when not filled
  • Durable enough for heavy-use

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be too soft
  • Filling it with water/sand can be difficult
  • Kicking can be tough for shorter kids

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Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bagbest free standing punch bags

Available in three different colors, this extra-large bag can work well with martial arts users. It stands at 69 in. tall, and when filled with sand or water, it weighs around 270 lbs.

The low-profile base has good weight distribution, and the high-density foam in the bag is covered with durable vinyl material.

The Wavemaster XXL doesn’t hold up to heavier kicks and punches, but it is a good practice tool to use when you can’t afford to hang a heavy bag.

Although it can move, the bag is durable enough to hold up to continuous use. There’s enough surface area and height to practice a variety of techniques.

Things We Liked

  • High-density impact foam
  • Large height and surface area
  • Excellent portability

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tends to move around even when filled
  • Material can wrinkle and bunch up
  • Bag can loosen from the base

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Century BOB XL with Base UnitBest Free Standing Punch Bag - Century Bob

This freestanding bag is designed like a real-life torso and head, a design those who practice martial arts or self-defense can find beneficial.

The polyethylene base can hold around 270 lbs. of either sand or water, while the plastisol body with urethane foam can hold up to serious use.

The height can be adjusted, and it is generally comfortable to use even without gloves.

As the base doesn’t get in the way, you can practice kicks on this with little to no difficulty.

You can take BOB off the base as well to practice on the ground, and it will remain sturdy.

Things We Liked

  • High-strength plastisol body and urethane foam
  • Extra padding allows for ground fighting
  • Wide surface area to practice various techniques

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Head and face can be too soft
  • Difficulty in filling/draining sand
  • Water can sometimes leak from cap

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Century Versys Fight Simulatorbest free standing punch bags

This Fight Simulator works well both standing and on the ground by combining the use of a typical freestanding bag and a grappling dummy.

The movement helps stimulate your striking reflexes, and the handles on the top and bottom allow for additional training such as knee strikes and leg lifts.

It weighs around 100 lbs. with sand.

The build is high-quality so that it can last for awhile. Mobility-wise, you can quickly move this to wherever you wish, and it can store without taking up too much space in places like a closet.

It can sway with a particularly hard kick or punch, but if placed in a corner, movement can be prevented if desired.

Things We Liked

  • Versatility in use
  • High-quality build
  • Easy to move around

Things We Didn’t Like

  • If striking from one side, it can get stuck in that position
  • Can lose some of its spring after long-term use
  • Can be too soft/light

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Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bagbest free standing punch bags

The bag has a Nevatear outer shell and high-grade shock absorbing foam for durability.

Its Omniflex neck also aids in impact absorption while reducing movement.

When filled, it weighs around 130 lbs. At its highest setting, it can be 67 in. tall.

It works best for your at-home training needs from aerobics and cardio to light boxing.

The bag is easy to assemble and move, and the size allows it to fit well in a small apartment.

Height adjustment allows for a variety of training from kicks to uppercuts.

Things We Liked

  • High-grade shock absorbing foam
  • Omniflex neck
  • Easy to assemble

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Three screws that connect pole to bottom can loosen
  • Not ideal to fill with sand
  • Can spring back and forth too easily

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Century Aerobic Wavemasterbest free standing punch bags

The Aerobic Wavemaster comes in three colors, and when filled, can weigh around 170 lbs.

There are four height adjustments, and the bag is filled with high-density foam covered in a poly-shell. The base is low-profile and is rounded to allow for easy rolling.

Padded area is long enough to kick without worrying about hitting the base.

The low base helps kids use it without hurting themselves, while the tallness of the bag is ideal for adults, making the product versatile for many different users.

It is not optimal for heavy punches and kicks as it can rock around.

Things We Liked

  • Can be used with either adults or children
  • Low-profile base and long padded area lets you kick without hitting the base
  • Easy to roll around to position and store anywhere

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Material can appear too rough
  • Hole can be too small for sand
  • Base is too small to hold a lot of weight

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Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training BagBest Free Standing Punch Bags - Century_The_Original_Wavemaster

The Original Wavemaster comes in three colors, and it has seven height adjustments that go from 47 in. to 68 in.

It can weigh around 250 lbs. when filled with either sand or water. The base is rounded for easier rolling.

It’s easy to adjust and clean, and can take up a beating from both adults and kids.

The bag can be best used for speed drills, low kicks, and standard routines used on a heavy bag.

It has excellent resistance and rebound to it, which aids in practicing those speed drills.

Things We Liked

  • Seven height adjustments
  • Rounded base allows for ease of transport
  • Excellent resistance and rebound

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Bag isn’t ideal for taller individuals
  • Base will move around easier if filled with water
  • Foam is not very dense

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What You Need to Know about Freestanding Punching Bags

Freestanding vs. Hanging: What’s the difference?

Standing punching bags are mounted on a base while hanging bags are strung up to the ceiling.

When you hang a heavy bag, you typically want to use some support structure to prevent any damage to your ceiling. Meanwhile, speed bags are attached to a rebound platform that’s parallel to the ground.

When it comes to force, generally, you can hit a hanging bag with more intensity than you can a freestanding one.

This is because even though freestanding bags have a weighted base, there is the chance that it can move or fall to the ground from a particularly powerful hit.

Also, hanging bags have the potential to swing toward you from various directions while standing bags are more limited due to the mounted base.

Advantages of Freestanding Bags

For one, freestanding bags reduce the risk of ceiling damage that comes with installing a hanging bag. It is one of the main reasons why these types of bags work best inside someone’s home or apartment where they cannot take the risk of ceiling damage.

In addition to damage reduction, freestanding bags can be more convenient than other types of punching bags.

Depending on the design, they can be easily rolled around so you can position them in any area you wish. This helps with saving space as you can store it away after each session, another beneficial feature for apartment dwellers.

Types of Freestanding Bags

The different types of freestanding bags are as varied as punching bags in general.

There are heavy bags that are designed to be larger than other freestanding bags. They are more stable, and they can withstand heavier hits.

There are also aerobic freestanding bags. These bags are far lighter, and they cannot take any strong hits as their primary purpose is aerobic training.

In addition, there are torso bags made to resemble a real-life opponent. You can take aim at several different parts to practice specific moves.

There is also the standard freestanding bag that isn’t as weighted as heavy bags, but they are sturdier than aerobic bags. They are used as all-purpose training bags.

The Winner: Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Out of the seven bags reviewed above, we decided to settle on the Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag to top the list of the best free standing punch bags.

Although it can move around as all free standing punching bags do, it offers a large striking area so that various users can practice numerous techniques.

Inside is high-density impact foam to allow it to withstand a beating, while the low-profile base helps evenly distribute weight.

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