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is aikido effective

Is Aikido effective?

Is Aikido effective?Aikido, a modern style of Japanese martial arts, consists of numerous striking, throwing, and joint-locking techniques.Even with the techniques you can learn, is aikido effective in

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muay thai combos

Best and Easy Muay Thai Combos

Best and Easy Muay Thai CombosPractical and step-by-step instruction of highly effective Muay Thai combos.Like any other martial art, Muay Thai offers an almost endless amount of techniques you can learn. If

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Muay Thai clinch

Perfect Muay Thai Clinch – Best Hacks You Should Know

Perfect Muay Thai Clinch – Best Hacks You Should KnowMany moves can turn a fight, but the Muay Thai clinch can truly build you up or tear you to shreds.It's an essential technique of Muay Thai that,

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What does OSS (especially in BJJ) mean?

For those of you training in BJJ, you've probably heard OSS plenty of times. It is used in other forms of martial arts, but there's no denying the OSS BJJ usage.When first heard, it may leave you confused,

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martial arts for fitness

Martial Arts for Fitness: 5 Reasons Why It Works

Martial Arts for Fitness: 5 Reasons Why It WorksThere's a reason why many celebrities, professional trainers, and fitness videos are incorporating martial arts into their routines: it gives you an

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boxing injuries

Boxing Injuries? The Truth About the Dark Side of Boxing

There are so many benefits you can get from boxing.From gaining physical and mental strength to the feel of that unbeatable thrill of competing and wining, boxing is one of the best ways we can challenge

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best speed bag

Top 11 Best Speed Bag

Top 11 Best Speed BagA speed bag workout is a great way to improve your skills and get into shape along the way. It is important, however, that you have the right the best speed bag in order to get the

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how much is boxing classes

How Much is Boxing Classes – Quick Review

How Much is Boxing Classes – Quick ReviewThere are many benefits you can see from taking boxing classes.One key benefit: it can help if you are looking to get into shape. Using a punching bag during

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best martial arts for kids

Top 7 Best Martial Arts For Kids

Top 7 Best Martial Arts For KidsWhen you are searching for a martial arts program for your child, it can be tough considering there are endless amounts of schools out there all trying to get your attention.Not

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adult martial arts

Top 5 Best Adult Martial Arts

Top 5 Best Adult Martial ArtsThere are plenty of reasons why someone would consider taking up martial arts in adulthood.One of the more difficult things you can do beyond practicing the art is actually

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boxing vs muay thai

Boxing vs Muay Thai – Which Style is Better?

Boxing vs Muay Thai - Which Style is Better?So, when it comes to boxing vs Muay Thai, which one of these heavy-hitters actually comes out on top?To get to that answer, we'll address a number of factors

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rdx hand wraps review

RDX Hand Wraps Review

For decades, RDX Sports has been establishing itself as an apparel, training and protective gear brand for contact sports. In particular, their hand wraps are a consistent top-seller among professionals

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punches workout

Punches Workout – Which Is The Most Beneficial For You?

Whether you want to hone some upper body strength or just improve your punches from their speed to their power, you need some good punch workout. There are many exercises out there, but some are more useful

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twins special gloves review

Twin Special Gloves Review 2019

Twin Special Gloves Review 2018Twins Special has been a leading brand in the production of boxing gloves for years now. It's one of the most prominent glove brands in Thailand, and anyone who has trained

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solar plexus punch

How to Perform Perfect Solar Plexus Punch

How to Perform Perfect Solar Plexus PunchHave you ever witnessed a fighter receive a hit around their abdomen and just instantly hit the ground? More than likely, their opponent just successfully hit their

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judo vs bjj

Judo vs BJJ: Similarities and Differences

Judo vs BJJ: Similarities and DifferencesAt first glance, the average person may have a tough time noting the differences between judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). There's no shame in that; they both

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Which Martial Art Is The Right For You

Which Martial Art Is The Right For You? [Infographic]

Which Martial Art Is The Right For You? Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Share This Infographic On Your Site<p><strong>Please include attribution to https://www.fullcontactway.com with this graphic.</strong><br

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MMA hats

Top 5 Best MMA Hats

Top 5 Best MMA HatsLooking for the best way to show off your love and dedication to your favorite sport? Then why not try out one of these top selling MMA hats? They're comfortable, trend-setting, and,

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boxing combos

Top 5 Best Boxing Combos

Top 5 Best Boxing CombosWithout boxing combinations, your match is lost. You need to mix up your strikes if you want to gain ground during a fight. There are some boxing combinations that work out better

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Best Punching Bag for Home

8 Best Punching Bag for Home

8 Best Punching Bag for HomePunching bags can provide an excellent workout whether you're a martial artist or just looking to improve your overall fitness. Since there are dozens of bags on the market,

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